In partnership with families, staff and the community, school counselors provide a developmental program that addresses students' academic, personal/social and career development.

The mission of the NJHS Counseling Department is to help support students to become healthy, motivated individuals who are capable of reaching their full potential. We do this by addressing the needs of the whole child -- emotional, mental, and physical. We encourage students to find balance in their lives and we teach them to celebrate and value their unique strengths and talents. Our hope is that all of our students will be resilient, capable, and meaningful contributors to the world.

Counselors:                               Teresa Noble              Ann Lee                      Julie Hambleton
                                                     7th grade                    8th grade                     9th grade
Registrar: Nancy Emacio
School Nurse: Cathie Jonakin
School Psychologist: Amy Lunstrum
Speech Pathologist: Alisha Scholer
Social Worker: Sherry Tipping

E-mail convention: firstname.lastname@boiseschools.org     Telephone: (208) 854-5740

Students: please fill out an appointment request slip located on the registrar's desk in the counseling suite and place the request slip in the box of your grade-level counselor. When your counselor is available, she will send a callslip to your classroom letting you know when you can return for a visit.

Parents: it is best to call ahead or email to schedule an appointment, or fill out an appointment request slip in our office. We often have meetings or classroom lessons scheduled throughout the day, so walk-ins are discouraged unless it's an emergency.