East Junior High Counseling

Counseling services at East JH are designed and delivered to promote student achievement and to develop mindsets and behaviors that promote student success. The programs we provide are comprehensive, preventive, and developmental, and are intended for all students. 

Counseling program services are provided on an individual basis, in small groups, and in a classroom setting. Counselors are also available to facilitate and enhance communication between parents and teachers. 

College and career-readiness is promoted through:
  • Academic Development
  • Career Development
  • Social/Emotional Development


AUG 8  8:30-11 - 9th Grade Registration

AUG 8  1-3  - 8th Grade Registration

AUG 9  8:30-11 - 7th Grade Registration

AUG 22 - 1st Day of School

SEPT 6-7 - 9th Grade Peer Tutor Training

SEPT 7 6:30-8 - Back to School Night

SEPT 8 - IDLA Late Fall Term Registration Closes