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The Rationale Behind Making Learning Visible

Challenge B - Publish a Web Album

    • Upload photos from your computer

    • Give the album a name

  • Set the album to be public

Part II. Organizing Your Web Albums

  • Album Information

  • Album Properties

Challenge C - Renaming Your Album and Setting the Cover

    • Rename your album

    • Set the album cover

Introduction to Picasa Web Albums - Google Education Hangout webinar

Using Picasa Web Albums

Skill level: Beginner

Lead by Eric Curts is the Technology Director for North Canton City Schools in North Canton, Ohio. He is a a Google Apps Certified Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher.

Picasa Web Albums is a free web-based tool from Google and is used for storing, editing, managing, and sharing photos online. Learn how to use this great resource to store all your images, how to edit them online with the powerful but easy Creative Kit tool, how to use the pictures in other Google services such as Docs and Sites, and how to make the photos available for others to access, including allowing parents to order their own prints of their favorite pictures.

Presentation Slides

Part III. Sharing a Web Album, Comments, and Collaborate on Picasa

Challenge D - Setting up a Co-Publisher

    • Share your album with the person on your right and let them “contribute photos.”

  • The person on the right should add a photo to the person on their left

Part IV. Editing Photos and the Creative Kit (Photoshop Online)

  • How to edit an image

    • Using the Basic Edits palette

    • Using the Effects palette

    • Using the Decorate palette

    • Using the Text palette and Watermarks

Challenge E - AutoFix and Crop a Photo

  • “AutoFix” one photo in your album

  • Effectively crop a photo using the “The Rule of Thirds”

Part V. Even More with Picasa + Blogger