NetSciHigh organizers are dedicated to supporting the growth of Network Science education efforts. A key venue for support takes place at the annual NetSci conference, where the Network Science in Education (NetSciEd) satellite symposium has been running since 2012. NetSciEd provides an opportunity for the growing community of network scientists interested in education to come together and talk about their projects and programs, new tools, and curriculum models.

For complete program listings and full presentations:
NetSciEd 2019 - Burlington, VT
NetSciEd 2018 - Paris, France (Full proceedings here. Data Literacy discussion here)
NetSciEd6 (2017) - Indianapolis, IN
NetSciEd5 (2016) - Seoul, Korea
NetSciEd4 (2015) - Zaragoza, Spain
NetSciEd3 (2014) - UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
NetSciEd2 (2013) - Danish Technical University, Copenhagen, Denmark
NetSciEd (2012) - Northwestern University, Chicago, IL