About Me

I am a fifth year PhD student at Boston College Carroll School of Management. My research explores how individuals and organizations address fundamental, self-defining questions. I study this by relying on two main research streams: (1) identity, and (2) purpose. The identity stream explores how individuals and organizations address fundamental self-defining questions such as “who am I/ are we?” The purpose stream explores how organizations address self-defining questions such “why do we exist?” I am a field researcher and use inductive qualitative research methods (involving in-depth interviews, participant and non-participant observations and archival data) to study diverse contexts such as a Jewish Service Organization, members of the occupation of Muslim Chaplains, Surgeons and Anesthesiologists, and Business Schools.

Contact Information

E-mail: khanmy@bc.edu

Personal Website: hamzak2.github.io

Phone: 617-319-4775

Office: Fulton Hall, Room 345

Boston College

Fulton Hall, Room 430

140 Commonwealth Avenue

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467