A Scientist's Curiosity Cabinet

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Welcome to A Scientist's Curiosity Cabinet

Over the past 25 years I have accumulated a collection of various gizmos, devices, toys etc. which to me are excellent examples of scientific principles or things that you look at and you say "That's impossible!" except it's staring you in the face. In the hope that others may also find them interesting and with the help of two undergraduates, Jacy Lundberg and Omar Khan, we have created videos of many of the items in the collection. In many cases we have tried to include explanations of how they work or references to where one can find this information.

Jacy and Omar are currently seniors in the Boston College pre-medical program. Omar is from Portland, Oregon and Jacy is from Los Angeles, California. Jacy is a Psychology major and Chemistry and Computer Science minor and Omar is a Biochemistry major.

In the olden days some people assembled what were known as curiosity cabinets. It is our hope that what we have created will be the modern day equivalent of a scientist's curiosity cabinet. We invite you to browse the collection.