NOTE: You will need to have the email address on file with the pack setup as a Google account.  Please contact webmaster@avonpack333.org with any issues.

Welcome to Pack 333, Avon, Ohio
Avon's Pack 333, chartered through the Avon United Methodist Church, is a city-wide group pulling together boys from every elementary school in the city. Our trained leaders do what it takes to make scouting fun and informational, not just for the boys, but for families that are instrumental to making our group so successful. Scouting can be the basis for discipline, courage and other traits not learned anywhere else. What is Cub Scouting? It's Fun!

The boys will have the opportunity to camp, fish and learn skills that will remain with them forever!  Pack 333 is a large and very active Cub Scout Pack.  We currently have 9 dens with around 60 scouts. 

In 2018, we've planned a good mix of events throughout the year to keep our Scouting program a fun and learning experience for the boys (& girls - coming soon).  Please email us, if you would like to sign up your son.

Yours in Scouting

Jason Urban, CubMaster