Our Customers

Customers choose Austbuild to fulfil their building needs when they’re looking to get the absolute most out of their home. To make best use of the available space, to come up with a unique design, to ensure that the work creates a practical and usable space and of course is finished to the highest of standards. 

Make it count

There’s no getting away from it, having building work done to your home is inconvenient as well as representing an additional investment into your home. So you need to protect that investment while at the same time reducing the inconvenience levels as low as they can go.

Austbuild’s customers are focused on making getting a job that’s spot on for both them and their home.  On getting maximum benefit from the building work, adding the most value from the investment and having the whole process managed and supported by a reliable and trusted professional.   They absolutely do not want to feel dissatisfied when the work is done, either due to the end result, the quality of the build or the process of getting it done.

Our customers often have unique and bespoke requirements.  Whether it’s a unique design to match your personality or an intricate way of using the available space to the best advantage, our customers are looking for more than just an average build.

When you need to live in your home while the work’s being done

Although the thought of heading off on holiday while your building work gets done and not coming back until it’s finished massively appeals to most, the reality it very rarely works out this way!  And so you’re faced with the prospect of living through the hassle of having your home knocked about and having builders there most days.  So you need to know that your builder understands what’s going on for you.  That they respect the fact that it’s still you’re home, that you’re trying to live as normal life as you can while the building work’s going on around you

Greg not only has experience of working around families, he also has a family himself. And, in true tradition, his home is usually undergoing some form of building work and so it more than used to working around a family.  But more than that, he’s used to living in building work, having kids amongst it doing the things they need to do every day.  And so when he works in someone’s house he’s very aware and respectful of that family space and finds ways of working the building work round you as much as possible.

Peace of mind

The last thing you need in addition to everything you’ve got going on in your busy life is to walk out of the door each morning worried about what’s going on with your builder.  You need to know that they’re trustworthy.  That they’re respectful of your needs and of your property.  That even while you’re out of the house they ensure that all mess and disruption is minimised.  This is covered very simply for uAustbuild’s customers as Greg gets involved personally on each build and treats his customers’ home as he would his own.