What do you do when you realise your home isn’t quite working for you?

We excitedly buy a house and go on to make it our home and, whatever its size and location, it becomes the most important place in our world to us.  It’s where we come back to after a hard days work, it’s where our children grow up, where we socialise with friends, shut out the world, relax, it’s where we can truly be ourselves, where we cook, eat, our kids play, do homework, fight, make up and where we deal with the highs and lows of life.  It’s also likely to be the biggest financial purchase we make in our lives.

So with all this to live up to, it’s important that our homes work for us. And when they don't, when they need expanding, remodelling, updating or maintaining we must ensure that the work we have done meets our exacting needs.

Where to stop?

Once we get started on the path of improving our homes it’s easy to get carried away! Ideas can go way beyond our budget, way beyond the capacity of our house, and probably way beyond what we actually need.  But somewhere amongst all those ideas is an amazing plan; a plan that balances our needs, the capacity of our home and our budget.  A plan and design that is completely unique to our home and to us.

Getting it right

Whether it's our first time getting work done to our home or we’ve been through it all before, each project brings with it new challenges and goals.  We want to ensure we end up with the right result, that any work delivers the practical elements of our needs while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and in our own unique style. And of course we want to work with the right builder.  One who understands our needs, can see our vision, can offer advice and support through out the process and has an eye for the quality and detail.

Austbuild has the skills, experience and dedication to get it right for you

Austbuild has been providing building work to the highest of quality since 2000.  Greg is a builder who is passionate about building work, about creating and delivering amazing spaces and works to the job not to the clock. He also understands that amazing building work to the highest of quality is only part of the job.  That making the process easy for customers, making the build as hassle free as possible and with the least disruption is also important. But most importantly, when the work is complete and the builders have left, that his work becomes part of someone’s home.

And that home is the most important place in the world to them.

Contact us

So if you're ready to upgrade your home, if it needs a little TLC or remodelling to make it work for you, simply CLICK HERE and let us know a little about your work and we'll be in touch to organise a meeting.