Jennifer F. Hackney, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Research Topics

Systemic Injury Response
Hormonal Regulation of Development
Neuroendocrine-Immune Interactions


B.S., Biology, 1999, Fort Hays State University 
M.S., Biology, 2001, Fort Hays State University
M.S., Cell & Molecular Biology, 2005, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Ph.D., Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, 2008, University of Missouri - Kansas City
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2008-2012, Indiana University, Bloomington 

Research Overview

We are interested in understanding how organisms respond to tissue damage. 

Localized tissue injury is associated with an inflammatory response that produces signals that facilitate local cell and tissue movements necessary for tissue repair. Tissue damage is  also characterized by the secretion of signals into the bloodstream that influence the development and function of peripheral (non-injured) tissues. These systemic effects include a variety of physiological responses such as altered neural activity and modulation of hormone levels and can lead to defects in developmental progression and cancer. We use the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model organism to study the systemic response to injury. 

Our goal is to explore and characterize the pathway by which signals produced at the wound site influence the development and function of non-injured tissues.

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Sgs3GFP expression in larval salivary glands