About CSI


  • [2020] Louis successfully defended his PhD thesis

  • [2019] 3rd CSEDM workshop at AIED19

  • [2019] Sharon received FWA Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

    • [2019] Rick is awarded by ASU Research Enterprise (ASURE) of Virtual Reality Innovation Challenge Finalist

  • [2019] 2nd CSEDM workshop at LAK19

  • [2018] LAK19 (The 9th International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference) is at ASU.

  • [2018/10] Ogmented project website is now live.

  • [2018/07] CSI presented multiple projects in #CSEDM workshop in #EDM18.

  • [2018] Rick received Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award.

  • [2017] Hannah, Jiaqi & Terry all successfully defended their Honors Theses in April.

    • [2016/12/05] WPGA work "Uncovering Reviewing and Reflecting Behaviors From Paper-based Formal Assessment" is accepted in LAK'17 as full research paper.

    • [2016/11/29] Part of Hannah's thesis work "Digitalizing Paper-Based Exams: An Assessment of Programming Grading Assistant" is accepted in SIGCSE'17 Student Research Competition.

  • [2016/05/05] We are recruiting graders or TAs to participate a paid user study, on a homegrown Programming Grading Assistant Mobile App. Contact Dr. Hsiao for details.

    • [2016/04/18] Paper "Seeking Programming-related Information from Large Scaled Discussion Forums, Help or Harm?" has been accepted in the 9th of International Conference on Educational Data Mining.

    • [2016/04/01] Paper "The Role of Comments’ Controversy in Large-Scale Online Discussion Forums" has been accepted in ACM 27th Hypertext conference.

    • [2016/03/29] 2 full papers and 1 short paper got accepted in IEEE ICALT conference. (kudos to Programming Information Seeking project, Semantic Visual Analytics project, and Study Guide Genie project).

    • [2016/01/14] Parttime/Fulltime positions available: with strong mobile app development and Java skills, with an interest in research. (positions are filled)

    • [2015/12/18] Our paper "Semantic Visual Analytics for Today’s Programming Courses" has been accepted in the 6th International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference [slides]

    • [2015/10/29] Congratulations! Vishal just defended his Thesis "SearchViz: An Interactive Visual Interface to Navigate Search-Results on Online Discussion Forum".

    • [2015/10/22] Fatima is presenting paper "Identifying Learning-Inductive Content in Programming Discussion Forums"@ IEEE FIE conference in El Paso. [slides]

    • [2015/10/07] CSI@ASU website updates

CSI stands for Computing Systems & Informatics. This research team was established in Fall 2014 with support of School of Computing, Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. The goal of CSI Lab is to research in developing and evaluating innovative user- and group-adaptive Web-based computing systems and technologies. The Lab explores a range of visual analytics and educational technologies.