Prospective Student Resources

The ASU School of Music offers a dynamic environment for both undergraduate and graduate clarinetists. Robert Spring has been teaching at ASU for more than 25 years. Joshua Gardner has won numerous awards for his research using ultrasound technology to map tongue motion in the oral cavity. He also directs the Performance Physiology Research Laboratory at ASU, which gives the studio access to innovative equipment including an ultrasound machine. Together, the two have developed a cutting-edge program that utilizes collaborative teaching, studio ensembles, and collective teamwork to create an outstanding learning environment. 

The School of Music, with an ever-growing body of 800 music majors, is set in the musically and culturally stimulating surroundings of the ASU Tempe campus. Tempe is part of the Phoenix metro area, which has a population of about 4.5 million. This allows us the cultural aspects of a large metropolitan area within the smaller confines of the University community. We believe that it is the best of both worlds.