Inspirational Stories

How I Changed My Life for the Better
A few years ago, I decided to change my life for the better. I thought I would write about the changes I decided to make in case others could benefit from it. There were numerous reasons why I wanted to make these life alterations, but the main ones were:

1. I knew I was capable of so much more. I wanted to make an effort to exploit my full potential and accomplish more and I was not doing that. (more)

How I Transformed My LIfe Through Better Habits
Life is a funny thing. There is no road map. The best we can do is hope for a strong upbringing, surrounded by a good family and people who care for us. After that, we pray for their love and support as we try to fumble our way through adulthood.
Three Simple Yoga Postures for Better Sleep
Do you feel like a completely different person
when you’ve had a good night’s sleep? You may notice that not only are you more alert, but that you have a different outlook as well. The world appears to be a friendlier and easier place to navigate. Needless to say, so many of us have trouble sleeping at night. A busy mind and a tense body are difficult to unwind after a day out in the world. These poses are designed to unwind knots in the body and tone your somatic nervous system and calm your autonomic nervous system—all important elements of a good night’s sleep.