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The purpose of this site is to consolidate transition related information for Assets students and their families. While there are many paths to success, the majority of Assets graduates attend college after graduation, so much of this information is college oriented. Post-secondary institutions include community colleges, four year colleges in Hawaii and on the mainland, art schools, and trade programs. Alternatives to college are also addressed by offering resume tips, links to information about gap year programs and military. 

Where did they go? Assets graduates since 2010 have attended the colleges and programs detailed on this google map:

This page is where I will post regular reminders for juniors and seniors, and will pose questions to the community for group discussion.

Please complete transcript requests a minimum of 3 weeks prior to admission deadlines to insure timely delivery. The form for download is available on this page, along with helpful information about your records. 
Find out what is coming up at Assets and in our community that relates to college and career transitions. 

College Success for LD Students: Building a Bridge

Find out what lessons we have gleaned from our graduates about what important factors contributed to their successes and difficulties.

Timelines and Helpful Documents
Geared towards students interested in pursuing a four year degree, this is a timeline for the college bound Assets student for junior and senior year, with relevant links. Find helpful documents such as the transcript request form on this page. 

All About Testing
Obtain information about college entrance exams such as the ACT, SAT, as well as preparation resources, many of them at no cost. Also, find out how to apply for accommodations for these tests.

Financial Aid Information for College Bound Seniors

An overview of the financial aid process and timeline for college bound seniors.

Find links to scholarship search tools and specific scholarship opportunities. Most of these are geared toward college bound seniors. 

Resources for Program Search and Application
Links to various lists of programs to help you with your college search.  

College Fairs are large, crowded, overwhelming, and incredibly helpful if used properly! Learn tips for how to make the most of your college fair experience. 

Summer and Special Programs

Find out about Summer and Gap Year programs.

What if four year college is not for me at this time?
Steps to take for the student who does not plan to attend college after graduation.

Tips for high school athletes and hopeful college athletes! 

Contact the College Guidance Counselor

Disclaimer: The views purported by the resources shared and on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of Assets School. 

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