East High College/Career Resource Center

The East High CRC is now on Twitter!
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The CRC is also on Remind: text 81010 with the message @crceast.

The Funding Your Future presentation is now available to open/download in the Financial Aid page on the upper left side of this page.

All CRC announcements will be on Twitter: @EastHighCRC, and Remind: CRCEast.

Use this link to access scholarships I know about and have posted on Twitter. Scholarships.

Use College Scorecard to compare colleges by state, region and major of study. It's really helpful. 

-  For all College/University visits, sign up with Mr. Henry in the CRC.

Check out the Events Calendar for more information!

Remember to sign up for the SAT and ACT! 

Mr. Henry is your Friendly Neighborhood College/Career Resource Guy in room 120, the CRC at East High.  
-If you have questions about going to college, financial aid, ACT or SAT, stop by and see him.
-If you don't have a plan for after high school, stop by and see him, he'll help you form a plan.
-If you know what you want to do and think you know how you want to do it, stop by Mr. Henry can give you feedback on your plan and help make it a better plan.

Email Mr. Henry:  henry_scott@asdk12.org
Call Mr. Henry:  907-742-2283

Bettye Davis East Anchorage High School Counselors

Leslie Rawson- SE 742-2175

Richard Gressett- NW 742-2168

Angela Hartvigson-NE 742-2224

Evelyn Octuk-  742-2159 

Margaret McDonagh-SW 742-2167

Mary Lynn Zock - 742-2176

Scott Henry- College/Career Resource Center (CRC)  742-2283

Ralph Elook- Title VII Indian Ed. 742-2180

Courtney Westmann- AKSD 268-5477