Below is a list of paintings by Michaela Castaldi.

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Peek-a-boo Tommy [Original Sold]

3 Kids [Original Sold]

Runner [Original Sold]

Precious Boys [Original Sold]

Still Life

Blue Butterfly - 33"x39" [Original Sold]

Orange Butterfly - 33"x39"

Chihuly Bouquet - 32"x36"

Apples I

Apples II

Green Pears

Yellow Pears

Hibiscus Spent - 22"x31"

Passion Flower Spent - 22"x31"

Palm Tree I

Palm Tree II

Palm Tree III

Red Poppies - 37"x45"

Water Lily - 22"x28"

Golf Stuff

Christmas Vase

Yellow Hibiscus I - 21"x31"

Yellow Hibiscus II - 21"x31"


Homes and Gardens

French Flower Market - 18”x22"

Two Urns - 18”x22"

Key West Pink - 18”x22”

Provence Memorial (South France) - 33"x41"

Venice Canal - 38"x52"

Naples Depot - 14"x23"

Naples Bayfront - 28"x42"

Albany Street - 24"x30"

Palm Cottage

Red House

Tin City - 28"x49"

Tuscan House - 27"x31"

Winter House

Christmas Door - 18"x23"

Fairchild Gate - 28"x35"

Glen Eagle Gate

Ocean View - 10"x23"

Newport Regatta - 27"x34"

Venice Boats - 10"x12" [Original Sold]

Venice Fire - 8"x8" [Original Sold]

Venice Reflection - 10"x12" [Original Sold]

Feathers, Tails, and Scales

Pelican - 22”x27”

Great White Egret - 33"x39"

Great White Egret II - 33”x39”

Roseate Spoonbill - 33"x39"

Two Macaws - 31"x42"

One Painted Turtle - 11”x 14”

Three Painted Turtles - 11”x14”

One Green Painted Turtle - 9”x11”

One Blue Painted Turtle - 9”x11”

Three Crabs - 8"x13" [Original Sold]

Purple Crab

Orange Fish - 10"x12" [Original Sold]

Orange Fish 2 - 10"x12"

Green Fish - 10"x12" [Original Sold]

Yellow Fish - 10"x12" Original Sold]

Atlanta Fish

Blue Octopus - 10"x12"

Pink Octopus - 10"x12"

Dark Jellyfish

Light Jellyfish

Red Coral - 11"x12"

Green Sea Horses - 9"x11"

Red Sea Horses - 9"x11"


Beach - 9"x9"

Great Canoe Race

Naples City Dock

Naples Pier - 28"x40"

Nautilus Floating

Treasure Box


Mercury - 30"x38"

Zeus - 30"x38"

Lines and Flags - 30"x38"

Maine Lighthouse - 22"x31"

[Original Sold]

Maine Sunset - 22"x31"

[Original Sold]

Paradise I - 20"x30" [Original Sold]

Paradise II - 20"x30" [Original Sold]

Digital Images

Botanical Flower and Ceramics - 23”x 27”