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We use the Hapara workspace ( as our online classroom.

Robotic art competition - prize $$$ possible!

See and for more info.  The WaterColorBot or a paintbrush attached to an Arduino robot would be a great way to enter this competition!  Let Ms. O'Malley know if you are interested.  You can team up with other students (someone good at art + someone good at coding would be a great combo!) or work on your own.  Per contest rules, 10% of any prize money would go directly to your team, and 90% would to Madison.  The deadline is in early April, but as you know, coding takes time - get started right away!

Summer opportunities

Software internship at CDK Global

Eligibility: juniors, at least 3.0 GPA

STEM academy @ Carnegie Mellon

Eligibility: juniors, at least 16 years old

National Youth Science Camp

Eligibility: seniors, high aptitude and interest in STEM, well-rounded, leadership potential 

Field Trips - sign up in the College & Career Center (B2)

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The Elemental software company career day is coming up soon!  See info below.  Sign up in B-2.  
It counts as a CRLE if you still need one for graduation.

Here's last year's Intro CS forecasting video.