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Things from Class

Region of the Moment Videos

2017-2018 Region of the Moment Videos

  • For this feature, we played a game, Que Llueva, rather than watching a video



Region of the Moment is on hold until after informances.

"Event of the Moment": Olympics
National Anthems playlist:
Opening Ceremonies through the ages:

Somalia (again)




Mr. Huber chose Africa to focus on next. We hopped around a bit, starting in Somalia then heading to Western Africa.

After tallying your suggestions, we discovered many of you want to continue to learn about Brazil and Argentina. So, our first region of the Month is...South America! (It's a huge "region" so we will jump around a bit.)

We haven't started regions yet. However, these are the two videos introduced by Mr. Huber...

2016-2017 Region of the Month Videos

Region East Mediterranean: Greece, Turkey, Cyprus

Region: Atlantic Canada: 
Region: Native American Tribes of the United States

Region: Oceania (Pacific Islands)
Region: Indonesia

Region: Caribbean 

Region: Middle East

Region: South Africa

Region of the Month: Central America
Region of the Month: East Africa (with a short trip to Zimbabwe)

Region of the Month: Britain

Region of the the Month: Russia

Peter Pan Live
Bonus Video: Who loves star wars? Jimmy Fallon and the Roots!

Region of the Month: Scandinavia

Region of the Month: New Zealand and Australia

Region of the Month: India

Region of the Month: China

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Songs, Dances, and Videos from Class

The OKGO Sandbox
This is where you'll find all the videos we watched or could have watched. Enjoy!

3-4 CP: Yeah, Toast!
We are doing a song by Jim Solomon called, Toasted! To get us started, we watched this funny song called "Yeah, Toast!" by Minnesotan comedian, Heywood Banks: 

Kindergarten Word of the Moment: Ocean
We watched a couple of videos that fit with our word of the moment:

More 1st Grade Story Songs:

Another OK GO video:

Kindergarten Word of the Moment: Rain

5th Grade Recognition Songs
This year the 5th graders got a chance to vote on a small selection of songs for their end of the year celebration. The votes are in and the winners are:

OK Go: Needing/Getting
This week we paused Region of the Moment because I had to share the song Needing/Getting by OK Go. It's just too amazing!

Kindergarten: The Northwind and the Sun
To celebrate the warm weather as part of the word of the moment "Spring," Kinders learned the Aesop's Fables story of the Northwind and the Sun.

Kindergarten: Bunny Hop
Our word of the moment has been BUNNY! We learned the Bunny Hop and a great song called "Mr. Rabbit" among other fun songs, games and dances.

3rd Grade: Mahler's Symphony #1, mvmt 3
3rd graders learned the French folk song "Frere Jaques" then learned a minor version of it called "Brother Martin" Finally, they listened to how Gustav Mahler used Brother Martin in his 1st Symphony, passing the melody from instrument to instrument in a round.

4th Grade: Maori stick Dancing

Pages from Informances:
We have had some great informances already. There was a request to post a few of the pages with rhythms from 1st grade so here they are below.

Robot Activation (played with Beethoven's 7th symphony, 2nd movement)
Monkey Moo--Identifying and playing rest

Peas Porridge--Identifying rest, playing with an ostinato

Original Fanfare by Leo Arnaud: Bugler's Dream
Inter view with John Williams about his Olympic Fanfare
Live performance of Williams' Olympic Fanfare and Theme
Olympic Hymn
More from John Williams Olympic Suite

2017-2018 Things from Class
Another 1st Grade Story Song
Risseldy Rosseldy

Our newest 1st Grade Story Song
The Frog and the Mouse: 

1st Grade Movement Activity: A Sleigh Ride
Click on this image to make it bigger

Bill and Ted's Excellent Greeting
3rd and 4th Grade Rhythms
(Click the image to make it bigger. Click HERE for the music)

(Linus and Lucy rhythms courtesy of Ev Emerson at Normandale)

4th grade Recorder songs
(Click on each image to make it bigger)
REMEMBER: Linus and Lucy cannot be played with the recording above--the original song is in the wrong key,.)


From our Greeting: Meet Cloud Guy

A Few New 1st Grade Animusic Videos
 (and an old one):
More 1st Grade story songs:

Orchestra Hall Field Trip Preparation 
(3rd grade and 3-4 CP)
New Horizons in Music Appreciation 
(the sports cast version of Beethoven's 5th)
I recommend listening to this while keeping an eye on the Listening Map (you can find the map below in the original Beethoven's links)

River's Rush

The Elephant and the Fly

Reflections on the Mississippi, Movement 4 Steamboat

Fate Symphony--Beethoven
Flight of the Bumblebee--Rimsky-Korsakov 
Kindergarteners and 1st graders
These students have been watching Animusic Videos at the end of class while I check in with students about how the day went. 
We also watched an old Disney Silly Symphony for "Clock" day

Today, we watched a video from Mr. Huber's senior recital at St. Olaf

Kindergarteners and 1st graders
First Graders are also Reading Story Song books. We started with:
Since then, we've moved on to John Feierabend's Folksong Picture book Series.

The first week of school we listened to some music for movement and a the "walk-up songs" for Mrs. Prowell and Mr. Huber:
Kindergarteners and 1st graders learned about echo songs. Here is a fun one that Mr. Huber taught us: A Moose Named Fred . We also learned from Cookie Monster what whole body listening (we call it active listening) looks like. Check it out for yourself: Whole Body Listening.

Playing for Change Videos
While Mrs. Prowell took pictures of each student so they were in her digital gradebook, the students watched these videos from a group called "Playing for Change"

2016-2017 Things from Class
Kindergarten Videos
We have been studying the ocean in Music, singing songs, moving, and watching music videos having to do with sailing and the creatures you find in the ocean. Here are some of the things we have done:

Mirror Dance And Shadow Dance
In Kindergarten we are working on Mirror and Shadow Movement. We watched this video as an example of mirror movement:

I'se the B'y
A few weeks ago we learned a Newfoundlandian folk song and a folk dance that went with it. Of course, I chose the music from my favorite Newfoundland band, Great Big Sea: 
5th Grade Recognition Songs

1st Grade Story Songs 
(careful! They open up REALLY LOUD!)

The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night
1st and 2nd graders have been singing The Fox in class. Here is a great animated video of the song with Nickel Creek playing the music.

The Full Movie of Pirates of Penzance

the Pirates of Penzance
Oh, Better Far To Live and Die (the Pirate King Song)
Oh, is There Not a Maiden
Poor Wand'ring One
The one we watched: https://safeshare.tv/x/RfjAJn4SC-w 
I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General
When the foeman Bares His Steel 
When A Felon's Not Engaged in his Employment
The one we watched: https://safeshare.tv/x/gzSTTTCOHr4 
With cat-like tread

A newer and really cool version of Shosholoza

Meet Cloud Guy from Trolls
How many different handshakes can you find?

Can you recognize this famous song found in the movie Trolls?
The Original song: In the Hall of the Mountain King:  https://safeshare.tv/x/ss589a20c1353d8 
From the Movie: Hair Up: https://safeshare.tv/x/ss589a1f77d29c1  

First Graders learned two new story songs
(careful! They open up REALLY LOUD!)

Just for fun: Dance of 1,000 hands

We used an amazing app on iPads called, "Incredibox." But it is not just an iPad app. Click here to play it on your computer: http://www.incredibox.com/
(Unfortunately, you can only play "Brazil" on the app):

Our "secret" handshake
3rd-5th graders learned this secret handshake during greeting time.

Thankful Songs
To see each song in a bigger format, click on the song and it will open up in a new page as a full size image.
    5th grade
    3.4 CP
    3rd Grade

    2nd Grade

3rd Grade Scarecrow songs and videos

Text of the National Anthem
  • follow this link to practice and memorize the Star Spangled Banner

Whole Body Listening with Cookie Monster
In K-2 we talked about listening with your whole body and watched a video in which Cookie Monster learns an important lesson on listening. Here is the video: https://safeshare.tv/x/ss57fd4124c6565#v 

3rd Grade Neighborhood
Orchestra Hall Concert prep

Michael Jackson's Thriller
We Listened to Michael Jackson's Thriller in 4th and 5th grade while we read rhythms. If you want to watch the video, check with mom or dad first because it is a creepy video. Then search it with them.

Stevie Wonder Songs

Everything Must Change by George Benson
The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore (Short Film)


Playing for Change Videos:
This week we watched some videos from the organization "Playing for Change." Here they are:

Dances and Sing-Along Videos:
Last year, the last week of school we had a lot of fun in the Music room doing some camp songs, games, Pop-Song Sing-Alongs and some Group Dances. Below are the links to the Sing-Alongs and the Group Dances:
Sing-Along Songs

Group Line Dances