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What are Informances?

  • Informances are the way we choose to share our music-making.
  • Like concerts, we use informances to present a 30-45 minute performance which incorporates the music used over the school year to learn concepts and practice skills.
  • Unlike concerts, they are more informative and informal. We take the time to really delve into what skills we have learned and how we learned them so that parents and guardians can come away with a deeper understanding of what their children are really doing in music class.
  • We make them more informal to reduce performance pressure.
  • They happen during the day to prevent conflicts with the many after school extra-curricular events in which our students are involved and thereby ensure better attendance in our music ensembles.
  • They happen in the music classroom rather than the gym so that the Physical Education teachers do not have to lose their classroom space while we set up, practice, and perform. This also makes a more intimate and acoustically pleasing setting than a large, echoing gymnasium.
  • Finally, we choose to do one class at a time so that more children are involved in more elements of music-making. It ensures that children are never passive and that each child has many opportunities to shine in different ways.

Dates and Times

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Note: Kindergartners do not have informances at Countryside.