Apogaea Account, User & Profile Information

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Short URL for this page: http://apourl.co/AccountInfo

Lead & Board liaisons, use the following forms to request a new role, ask a role to be posted on the website and social to be filled, to get new @apogaea.com accounts created, and confirm account\users for an existing Apogaea account information. All accounts must be confirmed yearly, and all Spark & Ignition members must be in the http://apourl.co/Users list. This is the list ticketing and other department use.

To fill a role:

Step 1: Check if the role already exists in the Roles List: http://apourl.co/Roles-List, if so jump to Step 3

Step 2: Create a new role, if it doesn't exist already in the http://apourl.co/Roles-List sheet, or submit an Open one: 

Step 3: Request the role to be posted by Telemetry by filling out this form: http://apourl.co/Roles (This is for department leads and board liaisons)

To fill roll\confirm users for the upcoming event year:

For every role\person, returning or new:
Step 4: Request or confirm accounts at: http://apourl.co/UserInfo (Must be done for ALL Ignition and Spark members EVERY YEAR)

Step 5: Fill out your Apogaea BIO\profile: http://apourl.co/Bio (Optional, only use for department leads in most cases)

New Account Workflow & Process



Existing Accounts

All accounts should be confirmed every year before the oct 31st roll-off date ideally

Suspending Accounts

Yearly Roll-off of Accounts

For more details see the [IT Processes] page