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2024 Team Members

Goals & Priorities

Mission Statement

To provide the tools and platforms needed by the organization to communicate and collaborate on tasks with a high level of visibility, accountability, and data protection.

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For more info see: Getting Started with Apo On-Line (IT)

This department is responsible for creating and managing access to Apogaea resources, included but not limited to Google Apps and backend (WordPress). In 2014 the department has taken on the additional role of coming up with and managing a collaboration solution to improve communications and cut down on the digital noise. The department now includes the Internal Communications & Collaboration (ICC) team.

Role Details

IT Lead

This person will be the IT Guru for Apogaea and will set the direction for the IT & ICC departments.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Systems Administrator

This person will be the primary administrator of Google and other resources used by

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Web Dev Lead

Lead on website back-end and management, including source control, and application & plug-in management. This person must know Word Press and the LAMP stack.

ICC Lead aka Slack Lead

The Internal Communications & Collaborations lead is responsible for working with the various department leads to find, document, and implement tools and processes to improve communications and collaboration. This includes, but is not limited to the Slack, wiki, discussion groups/forums, task & date tracking, and contact management solutions. This person will work with each department to find out about their current needs, pain points, look at possible solutions, and on implementing and training org members on solutions.

Currently our communications & collaborations solution is built on Google Workspace (GMail & Groups) and Slack. Google Discussion Groups/Forums are being used for election, candidates, and policy discussions. These groups can be accessed here: | Short URLs for active one:,, CATS and other teams may also be using this platform. In the future a MUCH better platform is needed.

The Wiki Lead and the ICC Admin & Moderator will report to the ICC Lead.

Wiki Lead

As Apogaea grows, so does our document archive, the ApoWiki. We’ve worked hard to get things cleaned up and organized, but we’re looking for someone to help maintain our documentation into infinity and beyond. Primarily, this role will involve making updates and managing content. The ApoWiki is our Google Sites based wiki system. The interface is entirely gui based and relatively simple to learn. The content is extensive. In addition to managing the ApoWiki , you would work directly with all Apogaea departments to gather, edit and update policies and procedures as well as be encouraged and empowered to help pursue better solutions and practices.

Wiki To Dos Page

ICC Admin & Moderator

This person will work with the ICC Lead to implement, configure, and train users on using the various communications and collaboration solutions. They will also be responsible for carrying out basic administration and moderation tasks on those solutions. They will the primary contact for department leads to work with any ICC questions or training needs.