Starting a Group in your area of Wisconsin...

In order to enhance your experience of membership in our Order, we encourage you to affiliate with a local AMORC group, or if a group does not already exist near you, you are most welcome to begin one in your community. Please visit the Rosicrucian Groups page to help guide you through the process.

Online Rosicrucian Community for Members


Members can use the Rosicrucian Community to contact members in their region and all over the jurisdiction of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas and Caribbean. Affiliated Bodies also use this site to announce their meetings and events. 


Grand Councilor's Welcome Message...

Respected Member:


You are cordially invited to visit the AMORC Affiliated Bodies in Wisconsin and Accept this Invitation to:

   ▪ Be present and participate in an exciting Reinvigoration of our Order’s purpose and benefits.

   ▪ Be a part of a great mission to Build Rosicrucian Community in our Wisconsin Region.

We stand today on the threshold of an opportunity to establish a strong foundation for the newly created Wisconsin Region, AMORC.

Check our Calendars for exciting opportunities to participate in Affiliated Body activities -- where Rosicrucians from around the State of Wisconsin are invited to gather at Karnak Chapter, AMORC weekly and Mystic Triangle Atrium Group monthly, to plan for, participate in, and embrace the future of Rosicrucian activities.  Many opportunities and possibilities for Service await your exploration as we endeavor to create our future together and build the Order we all seek.


That we may go forth Harmoniously united in Purpose and Intent – to Do and Accomplish.  For, in the words of our Convocation Ritual:  


“Our Consciousness will become more illumined as we direct it toward the Light.”


 Sincerely & Fraternally,

 Gerald R. Smith, Grand Councilor

 Wisconsin Region, AMORC