Welcome to the Mystical Rose Chapter

The Mystical Light of South Texas!

Master, Ron Rios

Regional Monitor, Michael Hanson

JANUARY 2024 Events

Mystical Rose Chapter Seekers Convocation (Members Only)

Sunday, 7 January   - 9:45 am 

Mystical Rose Chapter Seekers Meeting & Council of Solace (All Invited)

Sunday, 14 January   - 9:45 am 

Mystical Rose Chapter Pronaos (Members Only)

Sunday, 21 January   - 9:45 am 

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About us

Mystical Rose Chapter is a place of Service 

We are dedicated to serving the Order, through spreading the Mystical Light in our Community, South Texas, and beyond. 

We provide a full schedule of both regular and special rituals, indoor and outdoor events for the public, book clubs, special member-only teleconferences, and more! 

Our members are warm, friendly, and helpful. We stand ready to assist you in any way we can.

Contact us at any time, via email, by clicking EMAIL

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The Rosicrucian Ideal is Peace

As we live and learn to adopt the Principles of Peace in our daily lives, we Contribute to Peace on a local and global level.

The Rosicrucian Law is Love

As we study the teachings of our Beloved Order, we learn to live by the Light, Life and Love of the God of our Heart

Our Pathway is Directed Inward

We have learned that the Path we must walk leads us to our own Inner Self !

We Seek the Master Within

We have learned that the Light of the Heart is the Gateway to the God of our Hearts and a Peace that "passeth all understanding."

We seek to Attune

By attuning ourselves with the God of our Heart we open to door of Communion and Communication

We seek to Raise our Consciousness

Our attunement with the God of our Hearts raises our Consciousness into the Highest Realms possible by Humans

We seek to Understand

The lessons we receive allow us to understand and comprehend the Laws of Life and the Structure of the Cosmos

We seek Personal Experience

Our Ultimate Goal is to experience for ourselves Cosmic Consciousness

All this, that we may Serve

We have learned that the best possible way to allow the God of our Heart to flow through us, is through serving Humanity, both locally and Globally

If you also seek these things...

You can do no better than to know more about us!

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