This is the website of the Committee on Physics in Two Year Colleges (CPTYC) of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).

The AAPT has charged the Committee on Physics in Two Year Colleges to

  • Provide a common meeting ground and opportunities for communications for two-year college teachers of physics and astronomy.

  • Explore topics of professional concern to two-year college teachers, including the framework of conditions and extra-classroom activities that affect the teacher and educational process.

  • Cooperate with the High School and Professional Concerns Committees on professional topics of mutual concern.

  • Cooperate with the Undergraduate Education Committee Committee on courses and curricula and on matters related to articulation for students transferring between institutions.

  • Make recommendations, through the Review Board and Executive Board, to the AAPT Council and membership, for activities that would be helpful to physics education and physics teachers. 

These pages detail the committee's efforts to sustain the network formed by  the "Two Year Colleges in the 21st century"  (TYC21) program funded by the AAPT. You will find information about the TYC21 program,  other funded TYC programs, as well as other information on  issues we as physics teachers and AAPT members are dealing with.

Meetings of the committee are held during national AAPT meetings and are open to all. Come participate in making two year colleges better places to learn and teach physics. You can also share concerns and ideas related to physics instruction at two year colleges via our committee listserv: cptyc-l@lists.aapt.org. To join the mailing list, send a blank email to join-cptyc-l@lists.aapt.org or go here. Once you join the list, you can  keep up with news via the web by logging in here with you e-mail address and a blank password. Use these instructions with cptyc-l as the list name to set preferences. 

Credits: The material found on these pages is courtesy of their authors, the AAPT-CPTYC , the AAPT and the American Institute of Physics (AIP).  Most of the content on this web-site was originally put together by William Waggoner. Your comments/critiques are welcome. Please send comments and any material you might want displayed here to the current CPTYC Chair.