Cara Vandaree at Ashland raves:  

    Our biggest concern was attendance.  Our kids have many things to choose from in the summer, so we want programs they will pick first.  Although funding is an issue, if kids will come to a program, we'll find a way to pay for it.  The magic show had good attendance, Dan Heath was professional and easy to work with.  Dan and his daughter talk with the kids.  Many kids were there early, and instead of acting is if they were in the way, the k
ids were asked to help and made part of the activity. His magic show includes kids in the fun.  It isn't just entertainment, it is friendly and inclusive.  The audience likes it because they are part of, not just observers.  

Marcia Hargett from Copeland wrote:

 They rock!  Hire them for sure!   All of it was good!  I love your shows! 

Tom Taylor at Andover explains:

     Because Dan came highly recommended by another librarian that I respect, I was not that worried, but not having seen Dan Dan the Magic Man before I was a little nervous about professionalism and the quality of the show.  Dan Dan the Magic Man put on a great show for the children during our Summer Reading Program. Dan was both a professional and a quality entertainer.  
        My favorite part of the program was Dan Dan the Magic Man's trick involving the "magical" switch of a peanut butter jar and a jelly jar. While I know how several of the tricks are accomplished, this trick still has me thinking through how the switch was made. This, and other tricks, have me wanting to see more of Dan Dan's talents!                                                                   
        Dan Dan's ability to make each child who volunteers feel comfortable in front of the audience was wonderful. As each child comes forward, Dan introduces the child to the audience, has the audience say hello to the child, and the child responds, "Hi, Everyone!" It was clear each child felt special and more comfortable because of Dan Dan's efforts.

Lori Umberger from Stanton County Library shares:

If you want a fun, entertaining and educating show, that will fill you and kids with awe and laughter, hire Dan Dan the Magic Man.  They are a pleasure to work with.  The kids look forward to their show.  Dan's  interaction with the kids and how they respond to him is my favorite part of your performance.