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This hotels Vientiane website was set-up to help promote the hospitality (tourism) industry of Lao (Laos). It is also an attempt to reach out to Vientiane hoteliers to encourage them to divert some of their hard earned income away from greedy OTAs. Diverting some of the very high commissions paid to OTAs into digital hotel marketing your own Vientiane hotel websites is for a number of reasons a better option.  A list of benefits are on my Google winning page for the phrase "hotel marketing asia", ie my www.hotelmarketingasia.asia  My pages are also Google.com first for:

Beautiful Massage Spa Sauna Receptionist Don Chan Palace Hotel Vientiane.


My name is Ben Grummels.  I'm a hotel marketer and have provided free high-level digital marketing strategies to a Vientiane hotel marketing manager. I have an Isaan family with property near the Vientiane CBD. Many times I've sat at a restaurant on the bank of the Mekong River after weekly shopping and smelt delicious food and heard Lao music drift across the Mekong to Si Chiang Mai.

Ben Grummels, hotel marketer in Asia.

Photo of experienced Vientiane hotel marketer Ben Grummels at a jungle waterfall in Bali.


The Vientiane Linkedin group is for free promotion of your membership and promotion of your Vientiane hotel/business is invited.

Charities in Laos are offered free marketing consultations with our specialty of SEO.

Not-for-profit organisations in Lao receive 50% discount  for online marketing services in Vientiane including online advertising of their organisations. That includes Lao hotel organisations/associations.

All Lao hotel clients get free introductory hotel marketing Lao wide consultations by phone or Skype or WhatsApp or Line or Google HangOuts etc.

My telephone number is +61 418 958 799


You domain rating (DR) is one of many KPI that I track free of charge for marketing Vientaine hotels.  It is a KPI of the online hotel marketing being done by your in-house Vientiane hotel marketing manager and his/her team and or out sourced digital marketing agency.  Part of the job of hotel marketing manager in Vientiane should be monthly reporting of stats such as revPAR, backlinks,  keywords in top 10, and DR. If not  let me know and I'll report your Vientiane hotel SEO KPIs for free. Below is a button link to a chart of some Vientiane hotel site popularities. Some  Vientiane hotels have outsourced most of their hotel marketing.