About Malaysian Hotel Sales


The sales and marketing team for professional selling of hotels in east and west Malaysia are described below. Sam and Ben are business partners with business interests in Malaysia and Australia.

About: Sam Samsudin

Sam was raised in Kedah state and spent a lot of professional time in Kula Lumpur. He has business connections in Malaysia, especially near Kula Lumpur and Penang. Sam also has had many business trips to Australia to meet with business executives and a leading Australian television influencer.


Sam understands all things web technology including web development and e-commerce.  He's had a lot of experience dealing with Malay and Australian business owners including boutique hotel owners.

To speak Bahasa or English with Sam, phone  +61 404 852 526

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Ben has been a hospitality business owner for many years. Also a relief hotel resort duty manager. His business base is in Perth Western Australia but has had many trips to Malaysia. With an understanding of hotels combined with 23 years of digital marketing specialising in SEO, Ben is well placed to market the sale of your hotel at a cost effective competitive price.  His pages (with different URLs are Google organic SERP first for phrases such as:

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Ben loves the Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine in Malaysia.
His Thai wife works in Royal Perth Hospital and frequently accompanies Ben on business trips to Malaysia and Thailand.

If you're looking for foreign investors in large Malaysian hotel project, telephone Ben on +61 418 958 799. Same if you're looking to sell Malaysian hotel/s to Australian investors. Same if you want to advertise your hotel for sale in Malaysia online.

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