Hotel investment in East and West Malaysia starts with investing in a hotel near popular travel destinations such as KL which is one of the most popular transit/tourist destinations in the world. Effective hotel investment in Malaysia starts with casting a wide net all over Malaysia which targets hoteliers with deals to sell which are too good to refuse. Online advertising SEOed, plus a social media marketing campaign is how we'll get the right hotel investment for you, in the location you want, at a hotel investment price suited to your budget.

Also hotel investment in developing countries such at Laos should be considers. (Yes we speak both Thai and the Isaan language used in much of Lao including Vientiane.) With the coming of the high speed train to Lao, Chinese hotel investors have caused a building boom of high rise hotels at Vientiane near the Mekong River.

The second phase of Malay hotel investment is hotel marketing. Our hotel marketing page is first for "hotel marketing malaysia" (and thailand and bali and asia and australia etc). With every investment in our online hotel advertising services comes free hotel marketing tips, analysis and reports about your or your agent's website. Below are costs for various hotel promotional marketing services:

R2,000 Hotel Buying Agent in Malaysia

For less than one 3 Ringgit per day for at least a year we'll be your eyes and ears in Malaysia, checking out and reporting to you, suitable hotels for sale by location, size, type, matching your budget. We will:

  1. Search for hotels for sale in Malaysia.
  2. Online advertising campaign management. We'll let lots of hoteliers know you're interested in buying a hotel in Malaysia.
  3. Malay hotel property condition reports.
  4. Free linked pin on the Map of Malaysia of where you're interested in buying a hotel.
  5. Promotion on various popular social sites open community property section.
  6. We connect Malay hotel sellers with hotel investors.
  7. After buying a hotel in Malaysia, our hotel marketer will provide free digital marketing tips to your hotel executives to quickly get tourist bookings and thereby fast returns on your new Malays hotel investment.
  8. Extra would be attendance as your bidding representative at hotel auction sales and travel costs to get to auctions.

999R Hotel Sales Agent in Malaysia

  • An exclusively yours, unique web page on this site with:
    • Web design.
    • 5 full screen photos of your hotel for sale in Thailand. Each hotel photo with a caption and if you want a free link to your website.
    • Your sales pitch.
    • Free linked pin on the Map of Malaysia of where your hotel is for sale in Malyasia. Pin can include photos, videos, sales pitch and links.
    • Your direct contact info or online form providing you with hotel buyer information.
    • A photo on the HOME page of this Hotel for Sale Malaysia website.
    • Promotion of Malay hotels on popular social media.
    • 90R optional extra, domain name, redirected at your new hotel for sale page.


  • 286 R baht Content production such as VR photos and VR Videos is only extra plus travel costs. Alternatively we'll get content from your hotel website and use that for promotion of your hotel for sale in Malaysia.
  • 1,000 R Google Adwords campaign management including 300 R to start your cost per click (PPC) bidding.
  • 1000 R Facebook online advertising. $190 to set-up your Facebook campaign plus we chip in $130 to start your targeted Thai hotel sales campaign.
    • $100 = 286R for ongoing campaign management including fine tuning such as filtering, each time you want to top up your bidding after your Adwords or Facebook credit is used up.

At the top of this page is a photo of a beachfront hotel for sale in Thailand. It is inexpensive advertising for HUGE returns on investment because we get good exposure on page one of major search engines.

Hotel Sales Agent in Thailand

Want to reach hotel investors world wide? With our connections and digital marketers, we are ready to let buyers of hotels in Malaysia know that your hotel is for sale. We are commission free hotel sales agents in Malaysia. No matter what price hotels for sale in Malaysia are on the market for, we won't price gouge you. Think about for every 1% sales commission, with our competitors it would cost you thousands Ringgits. That's OK for a cheap hotel for sale in Malaysia but for every 1,000,000 R it would cost you 100,000 R in commission. You'll sleep well knowing your pre-paid, wide reaching, hotel sales advertising campaign won't cost more than our advertised price of less than 1,000 Ringgit, no matter how much your hotel sales price is. Optional add on extra hotel online advertising costs could include:

  • Content production such as VR photos and VR Videos is only 2,700 R extra plus travel costs. Alternatively we'll get content from your hotel website and use that for promotion hotels for sale in Malyasia.
  • Google Adwords campaign management + cost per click (PPC) of your bids.
  • Facebook online advertising. You invest a fixed amount, we target demographics and other hotel buyer variables. Facebook delivers your online ad to the target market.

Free Hotel Advertising Malaysia

It's free to advertise hotels for sale in Malaysia or to advertise hotel wanting to buy on the new our popular social media marketing campaigns. No commissions, however for intensive research and hotel reports, our Malay buying agents fee starts at 1,000 Ringgit, plus costs such as travel costs if needed, property condition reports, termite inspections, etc but no buying or sales commission. Flat fee hotel for sale advertising. Flat fee hotel buying service.

An offer to buy a hotel contract, is a SAMPLE standard form. It's a free legal document in PDF format and becomes binding after both parties, hotel seller and hotel buyer sign. A more specific legal real estate hotel sales contract drafted by Malay lawyers, is emailed to you within 5 working days after payment of 470 MYR online. Please have hotel buyers finance ready. Sellers don't like to be held up with wanabes placing conditions of purchase such as "subject to finance".


Whether you want to buy a hotel in Malaysia or sell a hotel in Malaysia, as an owner or agent, don't forget to let us know what you are and which online hotel marketing services you've invested in by completing our contact form.