Online Resources

NEW during the school closings - the district has subscribed to the independent Math supplemental software Dreambox for every student!

The login site for ATA is -

For the iPad app you need school code - q22w/uqq3

District-wide we will primarily be using Open Up Resources for 6th grade math. It is better aligned with the current Oregon State Standards at this grade level than the CPM curriculum. This is their family resources portal , (en español), with tips on how you can help at home. Linked here is the student site ,(en español), with the exact materials we will be using in class.

I have also linked free online math programs below! These I picked and placed here because they adapt to the individual student and follow them through the curriculum. The links you see on the homepage are generally one-off activities related to the math we do each week.

Turn learning Math into a multi-player online adventure game with Prodigy. Follow the link, click on "New Student." Enter my class code - ACFF27. Use first name, last initial for your user name, and don't forget the password you choose.

I have a Khan Academy class for those who want more challenging work, or just extra practice.

Follow the link and enter my code 2VXDWEB9 to join.

Parents, If you want your kid to get up to speed on multiplication and division facts let me know so I can set them up with Xtra_Math. I need to set-up their account from my dashboard.

You can get general help in 6th grade math and other subjects at

Freckle Learning. Let me know your interest and I will add in the first name and last initial and then Class code is KURLYZ.

Lots of great games at Mangahigh. Let me know your interest and I will add in the first name and last initial and the school code is 400356.

Try Get More Math! Enter class code BQNPNP

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