• Thursday August 15th, 2019

If you are looking for last year's 6th grade math links I have moved them to this spot on my site. I also have a page of 7th grade links which might help you get a jump start. Keep moving up the math ladder and have a great time across the hall in the upcoming school year!

If you are an incoming 6th grader to ATA you will most likely have Math class with me. You don't need much as far as supplies, just a few things, but you will need them every day! Every single day you will just need to bring your pencil and your brain, I'll provide everything else. So get lots of pencils and keep a backup stash in your locker! (You will also need to bring your planner/pack-card to every class, but we'll talk about that more during your first few days)

Remind your parents to get you a comp book which will stay in the classroom. You will also need similar small composition books for Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. If parents want to donate extra pencils, eraser caps, notebook paper, graph paper, white-board markers to the cause they are always needed

Parents, also please make sure your e-mail information with the school is correct. Every day I will be sending out a message about the work we are doing to the whole list, and email is generally the best way to get a hold of me. Thanks. And at least once a week during the school year I will put up helpful links on this page related to the work we are doing in class.