Monday April 6, 2020

We're starting distance learning! From here on out, everything new will be put on the G-Classroom site. will still be here for review purposes but make sure you are regularly checking up on G-Class. This week we are doing the year in review, so scroll down to find all the old activities that will help out. Remember the "Resources" tab, it has links to the Online Textbook, the Dreambox math program, and other support sites you may want to use. Thanks.

  • Monday March 30, 2020

Sixth grade students and families. I hope you’ve been staying healthy and enjoying your time off as best you can considering the strange circumstances we find ourselves in. Today teachers met with administration about how we will move forward with online learning. Lessons will not officially start until next Monday, and for the first few weeks at least, will primarily be focused on strengthening and extending material we have already visited this year.

The two online services the district will primarily be using to connect with 6-12 grade students are Google Classroom and ZOOM meetings. I have sent invites to all students to sign in to my Google Classroom, they should be able to accept them by logging into their studentvue account and school email. The sixth grade team will meet this week to sort out a schedule for lessons and other logistics. The district is working this week to get technology and services out to families that don’t have online access.

Until then, there is an optional opportunity for students to get back into the groove with the online Dreambox Math learning portal. Many of the kids may be familiar with it from elementary. It features an adaptive curriculum that students independently work through. It can be played from a browser, or you can download an app to run it if you have an ipad. The ATA login URL is :

In an iPad you need to put in the school code: q22w/uqq3. I emailed usernames and password details to each student 1 by 1, so check your inbox for that. Again, this is a resource that the district has subscribed to which I encourage students to use, but until we have gotten the technology out to everybody and we are formally beginning lessons and assignments, Dreambox is optional independent extra practice.

I will be checking back in with you soon with more news as I get it. I look forward to getting things up and running again soon, one way or another.

  • Tuesday March 17, 2020

While the schools are closed, why not review some of the activities on this site so you can learn while at home! There isn't much else to do after-all. There are several learning sites offering free accounts during this time. You can also drop me an email if you want me to set-up your kid with an on-line account with the sites on the resources page. I have a teacher account with many other sites as well. Hope to see you again soon.

  • Friday March 6, 2020

After you are done with the quiz try and run a profit-making business, a lemonade stand.

  • Monday December 16, 2019

Extra Tools for tonight's homework

Virtual Fraction Strips

Virtual Pattern Blocks

  • Thursday September 5, 2019

Setup an account with Prodigy. Follow the link, click on "New Student." Enter my class code - ACFF27. Use first name, last initial for your user name, and don't forget the password you choose.

  • Thursday September 5, 2019

If you are reading this, it means you did today's homework!. Write down the secret word "LEGO" in the Math box in your planner. Point to it when I come around to check and I will give you a special treat. Don't reveal the secret word to anyone but me.

  • Monday September 2, 2019

Students, welcome to the new school year! Thanks for stopping by my site. You won't need much as far as supplies, just a few things, but you will need them every day! You will just need to bring your pencil and your brain, I'll provide everything else. So get lots of pencils and keep a backup stash in your locker! (Students will also need to bring their planner/pack-card to every class, but we'll talk all about that during the first few days)

Remind your parents to get you a comp book which will stay in the classroom. You will also need similar small composition books for Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. If parents want to donate extra pencils, eraser caps, graph paper, white-board markers, comp books to the cause they are always needed.

Parents, also please make sure your e-mail information with the school is correct. Every day I will be sending out a message about what we are doing and attaching homework. Email is generally the best way to get a hold of me. Thanks. At least once a week during the school year I will put up helpful links on this page related to the work we are doing in class.

  • Thursday August 15th, 2019

If you are looking for last year's 6th grade math links I have moved them to this spot on my site. I also have a page of 7th grade links which might help you get a jump start. Keep moving up the math ladder and have a great time across the hall in the upcoming school year!