Sci Fi - Week 2

April 8 - 12

Monday, April 8

  • vocab warm-up:
    • 17. grope (v.)
        • to feel blindly with the hands: He groped in the dark for the key.
        • to fondle someone for sexual pleasure, especially against their will.
    • 18. fealty (n.) - obligation of faith and honor sworn to a lord by one of his knights
    • 19. perplex (v.) - to puzzle or confuse
    • 20. agrarian (adj.) - related to farming
  • Humor task (or a new perspective)
    • Get the handout with sci-fi comics
    • Consider a light-hearted issue that might happen in a story we've read
    • Draw your version on the back of the sheet
  • Kate Elliott essay "The Landscape that Surrounds Us"
    • annotate the essay according to the instructions on the half-sheet
    • We'll discuss this article on Wednesday

Tuesday, April 9

  • Vocab warm-up:
    • Draw one picture that incorporates four vocab words
    • Write a caption underneath that uses all four words
      • (might help explain moods and other things the viewer can't exactly see)
      • Underline the vocab words in the caption
    • Let's have a vocab quiz on Thursday, April 11
  • Gabriel Teodros TED talk
  • Yasser Bahjatt TED talk
  • Read "Learning the Hard Way" by Deepak Singh
  • Prep questions for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar

Wednesday, April 10

  • vocab warm-up:
    • Vocab crossword!
    • Turn in before vocab quiz tomorrow
  • Group discussion
    • Discussion chart
      • use it as is useful for you!

Thursday, April 11

  • take a look at your vocab words!
  • Vocab quiz!
  • Carefully cut out Elliott essay "The Landscape Around Us"
    • cut at corner
    • staple again
    • turn in with annotations
  • Time to read "My Voice is in My Sword"
    • work on questions
  • End of class
    • carefully pull out "How to Survive the Apocalypse" by Rhiannon R.S.
    • take notes on the page
    • turn in

Friday, April 12

  • vocab warm-up: Sci-Fi list #2
    • 1. immaculate, adj. – perfectly clean and neat; free from flaws or mistakes; perfect.
    • 2. tussle –
          • n. – a struggle, usually to achieve or get something
          • v. – to engage in a struggle to get something
    • 3. conscious, adj. – awake and aware
    • 4. conscience, n. – an inner feeling or voice that acts as a guide to right or wrong behavior
  • Finish notes on Zombie advice
  • Notes on visionary fiction from Walidah Imarisha and adrienne maree brown
    • Trying to change the world through fiction
  • notes on sympathy and empathy
  • Finish "My Voice is My Sword" questions
    • questions due on Monday
    • radio story on empathy
      • past and current attitudes
  • start "Hollow" and questions
    • how long does it take to figure out why these characters are on this planet?

Sci-Fi Literary Criticism Notes 4/3/2019
Visionary fiction notes