H10 B - Week 4

January 7 - 11

Monday, January 7

  • Teachers in training

Tuesday, January 8

  • We're back!
  • We're still in our Catcher unit, so you can still turn in assignments!
    • Do it!
  • Vocab warm-up:
    • Pull out your vocab list!
    • Use four vocab words to talk about stormy weather.
    • Include a parrot.
  • Grand Plan:
    • Today: Group work to remind ourselves of what we're up to
    • Wednesday: Socratic Seminar to dig deeper
    • Thursday: notes on the end of the book
    • Friday: Test on the book
  • Group work on "Remember this book?"
    • Write answers to your question
    • Take turns explaining your answers to your group.
    • Take notes on other people's questions and answers
    • Develop three questions for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar
    • Bonus issue to discuss tomorrow: What does it mean that Holden wants to be the catcher in the rye?
      • Where is he catching?
      • Are people falling?
      • Who else falls?
  • Robert Burns poem: "Comin' Thro' the Rye"

Wednesday, January 9

  • Socratic Seminar
    • a formalized academic conversation
  • Have on hand
    • your book
    • your notes
    • your questions prepared yesterday
  • Within your triad, one person will speak at a time
    • everyone will have the opportunity to be the speaker

Thursday, January 10

  • warm-up:
    • little sheet
    • what would Holden think of SEHS?
  • Catcher Big Questions
  • end of Catcher notes
  • test tomorrow

Friday, January 11

  • Warm-up:
    • On a small piece of paper
    • pick one of the Catcher symbols
    • put it into a lunchtime at South Eugene
  • Catcher test!
  • Are you missing any Catcher assignments?
    • yesterday's Big Questions
    • study questions: Ch XX - XXVI
    • Do them now!
  • poetry can be turned in next week
End of Catcher notes