2nd Warwick are lucky to have a team of excellent volunteers (yes really, no one gets paid, not even for our two week Scout Camp). The group is made up of Scout leaders and Executive Committee members as below.

Everyone has their own role and responsibilities vary with those roles, but essentially we wouldn't do the job if we didn't enjoy it.

We have an additional mini site showing our current adult vacancies here:

‘For anyone thinking of becoming a Scout, I say, go for it, come and join the big adventure.’ - Bear Grylls, UK Chief Scout

Leaders in the group

Each Section has a leader and some assistants, the group has a GSL (Group Scout Leader) to guide the group and a number of assistants.

What might I do as a volunteer?

Depending on your role you could:

  • Come in for one afternoon per year and help cook a meal for 100 people on Frosty Camp
  • Teach a skill for a day or a couple of days at a time on a weekend camp
  • Take part in running weekly meetings doing anything from craft to electronics or nautical navigation
  • Manage our adults and help them get the right training and support to do the best they can
  • Maintain boats, ballcocks or bacon storage (fridge) - We need to keep our premises and equipment working properly

What do I get out of it? (in a non-selfish kind of way of course)

"Well, as a volunteer of some 18 years, I can say with all honesty, FUN, we wouldn't do it otherwise to be honest. There is a sense of comradery while running events, I take great pleasure in seeing the Scouts grow and learn skills, and occasional adults weekends give leaders a chance to gain new skills too." Explorer Leader