Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an easy and free application used by RFK to increase the collaboration between RFK staff and the parents. All students have an account and parents can gain access to that account by contacting Mr. Johnson at for their login.

How to register parents for Class Dojo

1. In order to instantly register a parent for Class Dojo you need to first log on to your account.

2. Then access the class in which the student is in.

3. Click on “messages” from the top bar

4. On the left hand side you will see the students in the class listed. Find the student and click on “Invite Parent”.

5. Enter the Parent’s cell phone or e-mail address.

***Inform the parents that it will count as a message and it will use data to download.***

Family testimonials:

  • 7th grade aunt:

Class Dojo is a great communication tool. It has helped me to stay up to date of my niece's behavior and all her assignment. It is extremely difficult to rely on a middle-schooler to keep up with their own assignments so Class Dojo allows me to keep up with them so as not to let the child fall behind.

6th grade mother:

I find Class Dojo very helpful! They have an app for it on your phone It's very easy to communicate with the teachers back and forth it's a very efficient and effective.

6th grade mother:

I love Class Dojo and I think that it is a great app. I can stay abreast of my child's assignments and his progression in class. It is also an easier and more direct way of communicating with his teachers