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About Us

123 Up And Adam, Inc was created to help the Homeless Disabled Living in the state’s Nursing Homes and Shelters find Alternative places to live. The organization was formed by the residents of a nursing home who wanted to change not only their living conditions but to help the country, by forming an organization that would let them volunteer and operate an organization in their community.

Here at 123 Up And Adam, Inc, Individuals learn how to run the organization by a hands-on training method, this training can work wonders for an individual’s self-esteem. We try to help when a person is Looking for a place in life.

The organization’s vision is to see Homeless Disabled individuals have a meaningful life and a sense of pride.

123 UP AND ADAM, INC is required by the I.R.S to make public for public inspection certain annual returns and applications for exemption, and must provide copies of such returns and applications to individuals who request them. Copies usually must be provided immediately in the case of in-person requests, and within 30 days in the case of written requests. The organization will charge a reasonable copying fee plus postage. *If you have any question's on this feel free to email me at:

Volunteer Program Mission Statement


123 Up And Adam, Inc has earned a 2021 Silver Seal of Transparency! Learn more about our organization through our #NonprofitProfile on @CandidDotOrg:

Mission: Our mission is to Help the Homeless Disabled who live in the states Nursing Homes and Shelters find an alternative place to live. There is a belief there needs to be a change. But, how? Some people may say "Nothing changes" "The founders of 123 Up And Adam believed that we could"

Core Principles:

  • 123 Up And Adam will operate with Integrity

  • Our clients' Rights will be upheld

  • Accountability & Transparency will be our responsibility

  • The organization's financials shall be Managed prudently

Preamble: We shall be committed to serving our clients & the public's interest. We promise to do our work diligently & use the organization’s assets prudently. We shall strive to raise the level of accountability, transparency, effectiveness within all of the organization's operations & programs.

What we do:

123 Up And Adam is currently updating the public-facing website & Intranet to improve its transparency. They are our Gateway to learning the aspects of the organization including its contextual factors. "

The organization needs volunteers at all levels, start by joining a committee.

1. Support individuals with obtaining, completing applications & help with obtaining other necessary documentation.

2. Help individuals get to meetings.

3. Help individuals with housing search assistance.

4. Help them get referrals for assistance on security deposits, utility hook-up fees, & utility deposits.

5. Help with referring individuals to supportive services, where applicable.