Assistive Technology

AT Consultant:

Daniela Gatzke (Dani), Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Consultant for ZED since 2014. Active member of the Region 10 AT CoP.

Please complete the AT request form for assistance with finding tools, getting training related to AT, or data collection support.

to meet and document the AT consideration requirement at each IEP meeting. Will give you an emailed response that can be pasted into the IEP AT section.

Assistive Technology Services at ZED may include:

  • Participaiton in ongoing student assessments through utilization of the SETT process, which may include classroom observations, interviews with teachers, therapists, parents, students, and medical records review. Recommendations are made to meet student needs.
  • Providing technical assistance and consultation by participating in developing IEPs and service delivery plans as part of a multi-disciplinary team; recommending modifications to improve educational performance; and acting as a resource in locating specific equipment and materials.
  • Working with special education staff, special education coordinators, and ZED staff as a resource in assistive technology assessment, equipment, devices, and software programs.
  • Participation in awareness and in-service training for regular and special education staff, parents, and administrators to promote improved programming.
  • Assisting in program development through meetings with administrators, teachers, and therapists to evaluate existing services and determine needs and future programming options.

Online AT Tool Finders:

  • Understood- Techfinder, uses feature match by area of concern and platform to help identify useful resources
  • Arc Tech Toolbox, a site that will help you find tools with tool reviews and opportunity to help others by providing reviews. Tools are sorted by platform, goals they can support, user needs, features, age group and price.
  • Free or Low Cost Assistive Technology for Everyone, a website with a list of free or low cost tools available for the different features.

General Assistive Technology Resources:

Equipment loan options:

Minnesota Government STAR Program- equipment loan, demo, exchange and reuse

PACER Simon Technology Center, consultations, lending library, training opportunities

AT info/ further resources:

MN Department of Education

Region 10 Assistive Technology training opportunities, info and resources. Find out more about our Community of Practice!

Region10 Schoology AT group to get additional AT info, join in AT conversations and get new resources and ask questions.

Access Code: M3BMB-6DMF5

Info about the SETT process

QIAT, Quality Indicators of Assitive Technology- guidelines to the AT process and use.

NATE- National Assistive Technology in Education Network Handbooks, forms, tools, research and links related to AT

Call Scottland, a great site with various resources related to assistive technology (training, downloads, infos)

Technology for HOME, an AT resource for people with AT needs who either are or plan to be living alone.

AT for executive functioning deficits

OT's with apps- Dysgraphia / Dyslexia apps, but also many other AT resources

General, short video about what Assistive Technology is and why you might want to use it.

Fun, informative, medium length video about AT use for children with Developmental Delays with great resources.

Nice video that demonstrates use of no- low cost assistive technology options

Great video that touches on the SETT process and on how to increase the success with assistive technology use.