End User Computing

Enable Your End Users

Today’s workforce sees mobility as an expectation for business, not an incentive. End Users today are inundated with applications in their personal lives, from managing their schedule to their fitness regime, their daily routine relies on technology. This expectation has becoming the driving force behind creating a mobile first business environment.

The secret is that those businesses that have been quick to adopt mobility in the workplace are reaping the benefits. By creating an agile environment, businesses are seeing increased engagement, output and communications for customers and employees alike. The challenge for organizations stems from creating an end user computing solution that satisfies the needs of the users while putting the correct security and controls into place.

ZM knows it takes more than just deploying applications and security appliances to create a true productive end user experience. We work with our customers to create end user computing solutions that will provide a process implementation and adoption for truly productive and secure work environment.

VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Over the past few years, VDI has changed significantly – for the better. GPU technology like Nvidia for example is allowing a much better user experience even when large graphic programs are involved. In addition, the price has come down and the technology is becoming a powerful barrier to cybersecurity.

Citrix VDI Assessment

Endpoint Management

As organizations grow, their IT assets expand as well. What was once an easy job, becomes time consuming and complicated. ZM simplifies your endpoint management with automated workflows, asset management and over-the-air configurations for your mobile assets.

Application Delivery and Desktop Management

With applications taking a step forward in the importance of your business, having access when and where you need it is paramount. ZM can help manage your environment, creating an internal deployment and admittance strategy.