Jobseekers instantly scored for any job posting, anywhere

  1. Geescore™ scores Jobseekers for any job posting anywhere, within 3 seconds.
  2. Our R tool challenges Jobseekers to improve their score by adding data, sharing links and fixing errors.
  3. Then we use our best efforts to connect top scoring Jobseekers with the Hiring Company.


What does Geescore™ look like?

(above upper left) The scoring widget, before we have collected the Jobseeker's resume.

(above upper right) The scoring widget and the R Tool together.

Once we have scored the Jobseeker for this position, R Tool challenges the Jobseeker to "Get a Higher Score". If the Jobseeker has a high score for a job posting, we get the Jobseeker's explicit permission to connect them to the Hiring Company, on a best efforts basis.


(above) The Geescore™ scoring widget includes a hot key CTRL ALT G that activates a Jobposter/Hiring Manager view, within the widget.

In the Jobposter view, the Hiring Manager can manage all parts of their Geescore™ experience.

  1. Free scoring of any internal Jobseekers.
  2. Review high-scoring external Jobseekers who have given permission to unlock their folder ($).
  3. Boost the job posting in social networks like facebook and twitter ($).
  4. Boost the job posting on curated job boards ($).
  5. Activate Geescore™ Reputation Management that encourages reviews of the Hiring Company ($).
  6. Activate Jobseeker referrals of the job posting to their their friends and contacts ($).


Geescore™ in a job posting

Web Publishers get a javascript code snippet to embed the Geescore™ scoring widget (left) in job postings.

Geescore™ in a list of jobs

Web Publishers get a javascript code snippet to embed the Geescore™ scoring widget (left) in a list of jobs.


Geescore™ is a SAAS solution, with minimal integration with the Web Publisher's technology environment.

The Geescore™ scoring widget functions for both Jobseekers & Jobposters (Hiring Managers) ...

  1. from within a job posting, or a list view of jobs, as embedded javascript
  2. from a browser extension that "floats over" a job posting or a list view of jobs