Classroom Rules

These rules have been developed based on Gospel teachings and aim to provide a positive learning atmosphere. Each student will be held accountable to them during every class.

1) Arrive to class on time.

Class begins promptly at 9:10 AM. Tardiness has a negative impact on the rest of the class. In addition, tardiness prevents the student from receiving the fullness of the lesson being taught.

2) Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.

This includes students, teachers, parents, parish staff, and volunteers. - This means not speaking when the teacher is addressing the class or having side conversations with other students, and always displaying a respectful demeanor at all times through words and actions.


3) Come to class prepared and and willing to participate in class activities.

Willingness to participate is very important in my classroom. We have been given free will by God to choose; however, when we make a conscious effort to participate and say "Yes" to God's invitation to draw us closer to learning more about him and the Church, it allows him to shower us with his graces and make us strong in the Catholic faith.

4) Do not interfere with the learning and participation of other students.

Every student has a right to learn and participate in class that should not be taken away due to inappropriate behavior of another student.

5) Do not bully or intimidate other students, through words or actions.

This is very wrong and a grave violation of the way God wants us to live as Catholic Christians. This type of conduct will be dealt with swiftly and quickly and will not be tolerated in my classroom.

6) Respect the classroom materials and belongings of others.

All materials used in the classroom are to be put back neatly before the students leave. All personal property of students is to be treated with respect at all times.