I'm York Zucchi.


The background

I became a pilot at age 17. I did the world's first TEDx talk on the business of PHC. I held workshops to a crowd of 14.000 people. Co-founded and launched one of Italy's most ambitious sustainability projects. Lectured in history on board of ships. Taught entrepreneurship and innovation around the world. Held 8 hour workshops on intellectual property without anyone falling asleep. Co-built a company that became the US space agency (NASA) R&D partner in Africa. Was a american limousine driver. Started a student waiter company. Launched 2 university newspapers. Wrote books. Filmed courses. Told jokes (am informed that they are not very good...). Tried to sing and got paid to stop. Got Rotary awards. Created masterclasses on active democracy for aspiring mayors. Became part of a 400 year old society in Sweden. Failed tons. Learned even more. Created one of the world's largest projects used by hundreds of big cities around the world to help people start local businesses. Tasted academic life at Regent's, Harvard, Oxford and many other places, and on and on.

All of this to remind us all to say yes to more things in life. You will never be absolutely ready, but waiting until you are ready is just postponing the richness that life can bring.

Here's to all our dreams: may we find the courage to work on them now, even just a little each week.

My core focus is...

The StartUp Tribe

Active in 421 cities across 27 countries

The 1583 Society

One of Italy's most ambitious sustainability projects

World Class Cities

How can we improve knowledge sharing between Mayors?

What else am involved in?

Investments Funds

Chair of a few govt funds that invest in innovative startups, deep tech etc. To date circa 300 investments.

Large projects

I work with a number of organisations on really cool projects, usually as the person who helps get something off the ground and get commercial traction.


I've done thousands of workshops, classes, seminars, webinars, lecturing, speaking engagements etc. Click here to find out more.

Contact? Get in touch on Email or find me on LinkedIn.