Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong Taoist Association

Yuen Yuen Primary School

Intra-School Writing Competition and Anthology Book

We are very happy to announce the 2021 Quilled Bluebird Competition!

Spurred on by the great response and quality of work in the last two years, we welcome more amazing creations!

Let your creativity out through your pencils or keyboards and submit your amazing poems and stories to us.

Check the competition rules here and access a sample text and file template here.

All work that qualifies will be published in a book, awarded with an official Quilled Bluebird certificate and promoted right here on this website!

Last Year's Winners

We have uploaded last year's competition winners, read by teachers from YYPS. Maybe you will have a chance to hear your poem or story read by teachers next year!

Chocolate Ice-cream-Kiki Lam, FAL5_1.mp4