East High School


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Our History and Purpose

In 2019, the East High School Bearettes were formed under the direction of Head Coaches Alexandra Limperos and Lindsey Young. Assistant Coaches included Michalah Jackson and Mellreanna Ferguson.

The inaugural line was comprised of 8 talented young women who selected the name 'Bearettes.' These young women also helped establish a culture and traditions for the line.

The purpose of the Bearettes is to enhance the East High School marching band show visually by integrating drill design, dance choreography, equipment work, and showmanship. In addition, the Bearettes also perform with the marching band in the stands at football games, and at community events such as parades!

Scholars who are a part of the Bearettes are currently trained in dance, flag, and flash hoop. We hope to integrate baton, rifle, saber, and air-blades in the coming 2020-2021 season!

Our 2020-2021 line consists of several talented young women and men who have a passion for music and performing!



Thanks to your support we were able to have a successful first season! Paws Up!

East High School Administration

Mr. Batchelor - EHS Principal

Ms. Campbell - EHS Assistant Principal

Mrs. Huff - EHS 9th-Grade Principal

B&C Eatery - Chad Anthony's

Miss Lisa Bennett

Mrs. Patti Limperos

Mr. Anthony Limperos

Mrs. Francis Matlos

Mrs. Stephanie McKelevy

Mrs. Fran Blakey

Mrs. Paula Cipriano

Ms. Boyd

Miss Gillison

The Bettura's

The Wolcott's

Ms. Micky Burnsworth

Ms. Ruth Radack-Tsikouris

Miss Mellreanna Ferguson

Mr. Michael J. Schubert

Ms. Melissa DellaGatta

Mr. Brett Bunker

Ms. Terri Gilbert

Mrs. Ani Meade

Mrs. Nina Grech

Mr. Wesley Bean

Ms. Mary Van Jura

Mr. Cal O'Connor

Mr. Dwight Callahan

Ms. Stacie Brush-Zarbaugh

Ms. Anina Karlovic

Ms. Keyz Salute

Ms. Yvette Smith

Mr. Matthew Golladay

Ms. Gabriella Sandy

Ms. Dara Sandy