Leadership Roles Overview

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Interested leaders should be devout Catholics, ages 20-39, who are consummate professionals, humble servants, innovative problem-solvers, and passionate evangelizers.

Leaders offer anywhere from 1-10+ hours a week (unpaid volunteer work for the glory of God) in order to spearhead the efforts of their chapter to impact their peers and the life of the Church. Leaders may be Directors of a team, or serve as a support role within a specific team (marketing, operations, etc.).

A leadership term is a one-year commitment for existing chapters. For chapters in formation, the term is one year, plus an additional training period.

Please note that the form will ask you to sign into a Google Account to complete the process. This is required in order for us to have an "upload a professional picture" feature within the form. If you don't have a Google Account or encounter any problems please email training@youngcatholicprofessionals.org and we'll be in touch.