Health Education

Yinghua's Health Team

School Nurse

Ginger Hao


PE/Health Teacher

 Boone Young


School Counselor


Health Education Mission statement Grades 5-8 

The goal of Yinghua Academy's health program is to give students the tools necessary to live healthy lives. This is done by teaching from a lens of inclusion that makes every student feel safe and that the content applies to them. The content taught within this class will help students become engaged and productive global citizens. 

Grade 5: Puberty 

5th grade health will be taught over the course of 4 sections and focus on puberty for each biological sex. Classes will be split with Mrs. Ginger Hao, the school nurse, leading the section for those biologically female at birth and Mr. Young will lead the section for those biologically male. We will use the videos posted below to promote discussion and as an aid within class. A lot of the curriculum we will be implementing in class is from  the Always Changing® Puberty Education Program. For more information on this curriculum you can visit this link 

Materials for 5th grade health

Helpful Book recommendations

Grade 6: Personal Wellness, Safety, and Environmental Health

6th grade health will be taught over the course of 8 weeks and focus on basic health concepts that promote a long and healthy lifestyle. Topics discussed include exercise, nutrition, body image, the 6th grade brain as well as internet safety and risk factors. In order to understand these concepts students will learn about a wellness wheel and how each one of these different topics can effect their overall wellness.

Materials for 6th grade health

Grade 7: Drug and Alcohol Prevention and CPR and first aid

7th grade health will be taught over the course of 8 sections, and will focus on drug an alcohol prevention and CPR basic training. Students will learn from aspects of the operation prevention curriculum created by the DEA. Students will also understand what different substances do to the brain and the dangers of addiction. CPR and first aid instruction will be lead using videos as well as practice time on DIY CPR mannequins and an official CPR mannequin.

Materials for 7th grade health

Grade 8: Teen Relationships, Reproductive Health and Mental Health 

8th grade health will be taught over the course of 8 sections, and will focus on defining healthy and unhealthy relationships from a lens of inclusion. Students will learn the definition of things like consent, peer pressure, and sexual assault, along with the dangers of different forms of media. The class will then be split into two sections one led by Mrs. Ginger Hao , the school nurse, and the other led by Mr. Young. The section taught by Mrs. Hao will be geared more towards those assigned female sex at birth, while the section lead by Mr. Young will be geared towards those assigned male sex at birth. Students will be given the choice on which section to attend. In each section reviews of both male and female reproductive systems will occur, along with the introduction of safer sex practices, and the dangers of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and pregnancy. Finally students will have 3 class sections lead by both the school counselor and Mr. Young in which mental health will be discussed.

Materials for 8th grade health

Other Helpful links 

 Great website for sex education and puberty info. Their goal is to take the awkwardness out of sex education and puberty by creating fun animated videos 

Website created by Allina health with a wide range of lessons that can be taught at home that encompass everything from being active to mental and emotional health. Also has resources for healthy recipes and other great resources.

Great resource for parents and teens about a lot of topics discussed within health class. Also has current events related to topics discussed in class.