Creative Writing Day @ YHS

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Friday, October 26; 8:00-2:45

This year....we're taking it OFF CAMPUS to four locations:

Merrill Memorial Library

317 Main St

Bickford Education Center & Kismet

Yarmouth Historical Society

We want to PUBLISH your work and CREATE an ANTHOLOGY (cool book) of for EACH PARTICIPANT!

Schedule of Creative Writing Day

8:15 Opening

8:30-9:00 As a group, walk to your location

9:00-10:30 Session 1

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-12:15 Session 2

12:15-1:30 Walk to library, eat lunch, get some feedback,

figure out what you want to read for Open Mic & submit to YAWP!

1:30-2:15 Open Mic

2:15 Walk back to YHS

Four workshops to choose from. Locations TBD. More info below...Scroll down to sign up!

Fiction Writing with Lewis Robinson

Finding Your People: One of the best parts of reading and writing is that it allows us to meet and spend quality time with new, interesting, talkative, quiet, flawed, brilliant, villainous, adventurous, strange, polite, and rude people. In this workshop we’ll uncover, test, and deploy the fictional people we find.

Your Choice of Genre with Gibson Fay-LeBlanc

A Story is a Story is a Story: Whatever form or genre you're writing in these days--poems, flash fiction, novellas, screenplays--you need to find your story's beating heart, its beginning, middle, and end, and the tone and language that will carry it through to its closing. We’ll read some amazing opening gambits and discuss how they pull it off. We’ll try to write our own great openers, use them as tuning forks, and see where they take us.

Poetry Writing with Betsy Sholl

Poetic Voices: How many voices does one person have? We can shout and whisper, brood and joke, sigh and wonder. Somewhere in all those voices there are one or two that speak most fully about what matters to us and our works. In this workshop we’ll try on different voices and listen for which ones ring most true.

Creative Nonfiction with Jaed Coffin & Galen Koch

Radio Diaries: In this workshop, we’ll create a series of radio pieces, based on your very own personal stories. As we create, we’ll produce an audio platform to host these stories, so that they can be shared with all your community. Check out these two platforms to see models of what we’re working toward:

Please communicate with your teachers. It will be your responsibility to make arrangements to make up missing work and assessments.

Other Important Information

  • Creative Writing Day is an opportunity to work with some amazing local writers.
  • It's like a field trip you choose to attend.
  • Creative Writing Day is open to ALL GRADE LEVELS!
  • You indicate your first and second choice of workshops.
  • No grades, no stress, just CREATIVITY... but you are responsible for making arrangements with your teachers for missed assessments and classwork.
  • You will need to BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH. You will be able to order a bag lunch from the YHS Kitchen.
  • You will also need to fill out and have a parent or guardian sign a permission form. Pick it up from Ms. Tommaso.