8th Grade & Math I

The Graduating Class of 2024 has arrived to the 8th grade at CRMS!!!

Welcome parents and students to the 8th grade math website for Cane River Middle School. This site is loaded with lots of information and helpful resources to help you make this year your most successful year yet. Don't hesitate to explore the site and each of its links. Be sure to check back regularly for updates, announcements, homework assignments, and so much more!!!

Please take a minute to review this year's Homework Policy:

Students have homework regularly and it is imperative that they complete it before coming to class each day. As homework is a percentage of the overall class grade, each time homework is not returned completed, students ability to master the previous day's concepts/skills is limited to only the small amount of practice time we have in class. Eventually this becomes detrimental to the student's ability to be success in 8th grade math. Therefore, to hold all students to the same level of accountability, students that do not complete AND return homework in a timely manner are subject to the following consequences:

Late Assignments- 10 points off for each day late (assignments due on days the student is at school. See absence policy for when student is out.)

1st time without homework: A mark will be given towards our PBIS program and the assignment will be expected to be completed that night in addition to any new homework.

2nd time without homework: Parent contact (via email or phone call) to make the home aware that assignments are missing and incomplete.

3rd time without homework: Lunch Detention

Lunch detention rules will then come into place and further the process should Lunch Detentions accumulate.

It is my hopes that, I never have to go past the warning. However, should students become habitual about not having homework assignments, it could result in students not being able to attend the 9-weeks 8th grade trips and/or an office referral.

8th Grade Announcements:

Mon 11/5: ELA NC Check In

Tues. 11/6: No School

Thurs 11/8: Math NC Check In

Mon. 11/12: No School

Tues 11/13: Chamber Theater Field Trip

$30 if eating at CiCis

$22 if bring school lunch or lunch from home

Mon. 11/19: NC A & T S.T.E.M. Bus

Tues. 11/20: Reality of Money Workshop

Wed. 11/21: Half Day of School

MCC Early College Presentations @ 8:30

Thurs 11/22: No School

Fri 11/23: No School


Check out www.tutor.com. It is a Gear-Up sponsored site that CRMS students can use to chat live with tutors. Check out the flyer linked below for more info!!! It is an awesome extension of the classroom.


Username= Your Lunch #

Password= gearup

Please check Powerschool on Friday's after 4:00 p.m. for the most up-to-date grades.

8th Grade and Math I Syllabi

Yearly Planning.docx
Year Planning.docx