8th Grade & Math I

Throughout the course of the 9-weeks, each class has homework multiple nights a week. Assignments are never unreasonably lengthy, and could have been completed in approximately 20-30 minutes, providing a quite study environment. These assignments are given as a means of practicing the topics covered during class. Without completing homework assignments nightly, we do not get the repetitive practice that is vital to learning math.

During this 9-weeks, you should work each night to complete assignments, attempting every problem. Show your work on all questions, so that we can easily find mistakes when they occur. During class, take good notes with examples so that when you get home in the evenings you will have your notes to look back over. As always, if you are unsure of how to do something or run across a question on the homework, come by my room in the morning before Homeroom for help.

Let's work to make this 9-weeks a great, successful part of your last year at CRMS!!!

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8th Grade Announcements:

Friday, March 2: 8th Grade Math Benchmark

Thursday, March 8: MHHS Tour Day 9-2

Tuesday, March 13: Freshmen Enrollment Night @ 6 @ MHHS

Wednesday, March 14: Q&A Session w/ MHHS Councelors during Arts


Thursday, April 12: Freshmen Enrollment Day during Arts

Mon/ Tues April 23-24: Softball/ Baseball Tournament


Check out www.tutor.com. It is a Gear-Up sponsored site that CRMS students can use to chat live with tutors. Check out the flyer linked below for more info!!! It is an awesome extension of the classroom.


The current unit that we are working on in class is:

8th Grade Classes- Slope, Linear Equations, Functions

Math I Classes - Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities