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Saved by the Bell

Teacher Feature: Will Bell

Samuel Crews & Ainsley Davis


Mr. Bell, usually called Coach Bell, is a new teacher here at Forbush High School. He began teaching at Forbush in September of 2019. Although he is new to teaching here, Bell attended Forbush High School as a student and graduated in 2011. He teaches American History: Found Principles as well as Civics and Economics.

Bell said his favorite part about teaching is “getting to interact with students every day.” He also “enjoys watching them grow as students.”

Hagen Brannon, a player and student of Coach Bell’s, says, “Bell has been my coach for a long time. He coached me in travel baseball before I even came to Forbush. He is a really good coach and has helped me improve as a player.” Hagen also said that Coach Bell is his “favorite teacher and he enjoyed having his class.”

In addition to teaching, Bell is also an assistant basketball coach, an assistant baseball coach, and is assistant Athletic Director (A.D.). As assistant A.D., Bell helps setup all sport gates, mows the fields, paints the fields, works with paperwork such as sports physicals and player eligibility, and works with sponsorships for our teams. When asking Bell what he loves about baseball and basketball, he said, “I love helping the players and watching them improve and grow as players. You get a feeling of accomplishment when you see a player work hard and watch them accomplish so much at the end of the season that they couldn’t do at the beginning.” He also said that he is baseball minded but also loves coaching basketball because it is a different style and speed of play.

A fellow coach, Mr. Huggins, says he thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Bell. He said, “Coach Bell is extremely organized, hardworking, knowledgeable and he ‘sees the big picture' as well as anyone he knows.”

Forbush High School is thankful to have a wonderful teacher and coach like Mr. Bell!

Entertainment all around

Forbush Chorus and Drama Department Productions

Kacie Hutchens & Brisa Aguilar


On Thursday, February 27th, the Forbush High School chorus department held their annual spring concert. This concert was to help the chorus students to prepare for their upcoming performance at the Scales Fine Arts Center at Wake Forest University, where they will be performing two songs for adjudication. This concert also showcased the men’s choir. This group of students consists of men who are starting out in the chorus department as opposed to her Concert Choir which is composed of students who auditioned to be in that class. If you missed the Concert you can always plan to come to their final concert on Tuesday, May 12. This concert will be preparing the Concert Choir to sing at the 2020 Graduation ceremony.

If the chorus department doesn’t interest you, come to the theater department put on The Addams Family. Students have been rehearsing all semester for their shows from April 23-25th. Mrs. Campbell not only has classes performing in the show, but she also has a group of students in her Tech class who will participate on the technical side of the show as well as building and painting the set. If you are interested in buying tickets you can email Mrs. Jamie Campbell at jamie.campbell@yadkin.k12.nc.us or visit the website https://fhsaddams.bpt.me/.

The Arts classes at Forbush High School constantly have something to offer if you or someone you know are looking for some inexpensive family-friendly entertainment. For more information about these or upcoming events please contact FHS or anyone in the chorus or theater departments.

The Lady Falcon team and coaches with their plaque after winning the WPAC 2A Conference Tournament.

Photo credit: Brooke Gammons

A soaring season for the Lady Falcons

Basketball Update on the FHS Varsity Women's Team

Kailey Smitherman & Elizabeth Ayers


The Forbush High School Varsity Women’s basketball team is having a very successful and exciting season! The Lady Falcons were regular season champions, WPAC tournament champions, and are now advancing to the 2nd Round of the 2A State Playoffs. Forbush High School is extremely proud of the Lady Falcons and wish them the best of luck through the remainder of playoffs. Principal Dr. Kennedy said, “I am so proud of this team, especially the awesome group of seniors!”

The Lady Falcons ended their regular season on February 14th with a win over North Surry. They finished the season with a 22-2 overall record, and 14-0 in the WPAC conference.

In the WPAC 2A Conference Tournament, the team defeated Carver in the 1st Round of Playoffs, then advanced to the Semifinals where they won over North Surry. In the conference championship game on February 21st, the Lady Falcons defeated West Stokes to win the WPAC 2A Conference Tournament. In addition to this, Parkley Hennings, Nicole Scott, Hope Grimes, Kyndall Ellison, and Brittany Gammons were awarded All Conference Players, and Ashley Collins and Morgan Beane were named Honorable Mentions.

On Tuesday, February 25th, the team played a hard fought game against North Surry in the 1st Round of 2A Playoffs, but the Lady Falcons prevailed, winning 57-47 over the conference rival. The team will now advance to the 2nd Round of the 2A State Playoffs to play Patton High School on Thursday, February 27th at 6:30 p.m. at Forbush High School. Come out to support and cheer on our Lady Falcons!

Eli Thomas competes at the State Tournament

Get ready to rumble

Wrestling Recap

Cortney Myers & Lindsay Ray


The wrestling season has come to an end, and the results are in. The Bush is very proud of our wrestlers this year and their results. Many of the wrestlers qualified for regionals by beating out their conference rivals, which is a huge accomplishment. Falcon wrestlers, Wayne Robichuid, Eli Thomas, Edwin Pozo, Tyler Caudill, and Wesley Kiter, all qualified for regionals. Although they all competed very well, only one Falcon wrestle advanced to the State Tournament. All of these qualifiers worked very hard to reach regionals and accomplished their goals.

Eli Thomas, a junior, continued his long run from last year, placing second in the State Tournament last season. This year, Thomas won the WPAC Conference title, placed second in regionals, and placed third in the State Tournament. When asked about his recent accomplishment, Eli said, “I came up short for what I wanted but I’m still pleased with the results. This will only push me to work harder for next season.”

Student of the month

January Student of the Month

Brisa Aguilar


Congratulations to the following Forbush High School students, AnneMarie Hutchens (9th), Jackson Gentry (10th), Lupita Carrasco (11th), and Laiken Baity (12th) on being nominated as the students of the month of January.

AnneMarie Hutchens, a freshman nominated says her favorite class at Forbush High School is “band, because I enjoy being able to express myself and play my instrument.” AnneMarie says her favorite teacher is “Mrs. Frazier, because she cares about us and takes care of us.” AnneMarie is very active around FHS campus. A few activities she is involved in are Student Council, FCA, Beta Club, Band, Chorus, Quiz Bowl, and she is on the swim team. “A few things I do in my free time are, swim, play my flute and read.” When asked about being nominated for the student of the month, AnneMarie says, “I was surprised but very honored.”

Jackson Gentry, a sophomore nominated, says his favorite class at Forbush High School is Electronics I with Daniel Hutchens. Jackson says, “the amount of entertainment and information you receive is incredible and interesting. The class teaches more than just electronics.” Jackson’s favorite teacher is Daniel Hutchens by far. “He interests you in the subject he teaches and gives you tons of information about life in general,” says Jackson. Some school activities Jackson is involved in include, playing on the JV soccer team, making highlight reels for the varsity soccer team, and being class president of the sophomore class. During his free time he enjoys making short films that will entertain others. You can find Jackson’s films on YouTube at the “Kevin The Chicken” channel. Jackson also takes care of his chickens and spends time with his family. “I feel blindsided, yet honored. But there are many better choices than me, and look forward to seeing them chosen as well,” says Jackson when asked how he felt about being nominated as Student of the Month.

Lupita Carrasco, a junior nominated says her favorite class at Forbush High School is “foods class. I’ve just now realized that I never dreaded going to that class. Yeah, it is boring sometimes when doing bookwork, but other than that it is a good class to just forget stressful things in.” Lupita says, “I haven't gotten close with a teacher or built a friendship with them, but I have two that I can joke around with. Those two are Mrs. Saddler and Mr. Vestal. I like hearing stories that Mrs Saddler has to say and I like joking around with Vestal and him being rude to everyone (jokingly).” A few activities Lupita is involved in include, being on the swim team, being a HOSA member and currently participating in the tech theater class helping out with the school musical, The Addams Family. During free time Lupita says, “I mainly just sleep, eat, and watch TikTok videos in my room. If not, I like going out with my best friend, but we do the same things, just with eachothers company.” Lupita says, “I’m really just surprised because I didn't think I could be an option for this since I’m not really involved with the school. Being selected is great though, and I’m sure my parents will be very happy,” when asked about being nominated for Student of the Month.

Laiken Baity, a senior nominated says, “I don't have one favorite class but I enjoyed Web Page Design, strength and conditioning, and all my history classes, because I liked all of my teachers and they made learning fun.” Laiken says her favorite teacher at FHS is, “Senora Helton. She is easy to talk to and always willing to help you in any way she can.” A few school activities Laiken is involved in include; Volleyball, softball, BETA club, Junior Civitan, and FCA. During her freetime, she says she enjoys playing sports, going to church and hanging out with friends. Laiken says, “I am honored to have been chosen knowing that there are other students who deserve it more than me,” when asked how she felt about being selected as Student of the Month.

Congratulations to all four of these students!

Painting your parking spot

Forbush HOSA is Raising Money for Pediatric Cancer

Ainsley Davis & Samuel Crews


Every year, HOSA does a national service project to bring awareness to a certain disease and raise money to help find a cure. This year, Forbush HOSA member Samantha Lunsford came up with a great idea while searching for creative ways to get students involved in helping raise money here at Forbush. On Monday, February 10th (a teacher’s workday), students will have the opportunity to come to school from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to personalize and paint a creative design on their own parking spot. Once they have personalized the spot they will get to park there for the remainder of the school year.

Some important dates to keep in mind will be January 21 through January 31 when spots will be open for purchase. Seniors will have the first pick on their spot during school on January 21 through January 24. From January 25 to January 31 spots will be available for Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores. Before painting your spot you must get a form from Mrs. Sloan where you will sketch your spot design and get the approval of the HOSA committee and the administration. You will need proof of a valid parking permit prior to painting your spot as well. If you paint a spot, you will be required to come to school on May 22 to repaint the spot black to cover up your design. Students also have the option to make a $10 donation towards HOSA and one of the members of the organization will paint the spot black for them. If you have any more questions concerning details on painting a spot please visit Mrs. Sloan’s room, 520E, to receive a form that gives all the information you need.

This year HOSA is collaborating with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF) to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Unlike a majority of cancer research, NPCF focuses on funding clinical trials and is fighting to find a fast, less-toxic treatment to increase the survival rate of pediatric cancer. NPCF has raised millions of dollars in order to help fight this terrible disease.

The National Service Project is to encourage HOSA members to provide community service through the adoption of goals and implementation of strategies related to the support of a health organization. It is a friendly competition between each chapter in North Carolina to see who can raise the most money and to see who will submit the most volunteer hours. Each chapter must come up with a creative way to raise money for the NPCF. If the chapter contributes a minimum of $100 or 100 service hours, they will receive a Certificate of Recognition. If the chapter contributes a minimum of $500 or 500 service hours, they will receive a Certificate of Merits.

This project is not only a good competition between chapters, but it also contributes funding to a non-profit organization that is researching to eliminate childhood cancer.

Hall of fame

Class of 2020 Hall of Fame

Kacie Hutchens & Suzie Beamguard


On January 17th, Forbush High School proudly inducted eight people into the High School’s Hall of Fame. These people are students and/or faculty that represent Forbush High School in the best ways. These people include Jessica Baity, Gary Talley, Tim Saylor, Linda McCormick, Jon Hoots, Butch Whitesell, Betty Saylor, and David Moxley. This group will join the eight pre-existing members from the 2018-19 induction ceremony.

Jessica Baity played soccer, Gary Tally was an English teacher and the wrestling coach, Tim Saylor played golf, Linda McCormick was a coach and teacher, Jon Hoots was a student-athlete and community leader, Butch Whitesell was a coach and the athletic director, Betty Saylor was the Forbush High School secretary for almost 50 years, and David Moxley was a teacher and the Hunter Saftey Coach.

In the midst of this happy time at Forbush, it is a bittersweet moment because there have been some inductees that have already passed on. Because of this, their families have chosen to take their place in receiving the award for them.

Whether they were teaching a class, playing on the field, or even refereeing an arm-wrestling tournament at Bush Bash these inductees always found something to occupy their time. As Forbush High School students and staff we thank the prior member and new inductees for all they have contributed to Forbush High School as a whole.

“Bush on 4… 1, 2, 3, 4, Bush!” says the varsity girl’s basketball team as they huddle together before their game begins.

WINter Sports

Update on the Falcon's Winter Season

Kailey Smitherman & Elie Ayers


Between JV and Varsity men and women's basketball, wrestling, and swim, winter sports are in full swing here at Forbush High School. Each team is having a great season, and many exciting moments have happened.

All eyes have been on the varsity girl’s basketball team, who have had an incredible season. They are currently ranked number one in conference, and Parkley Hennings was recently awarded second place for all time leading scorer in basketball at Forbush High School. Over the past few weeks, they have won against North Forsyth, Starmount, Atkins, West Stokes, Walkertown, and Surry Central. They also played in the Freedom Christmas Invitational basketball tournament over the Christmas break. The varsity men's team, who are having a building season, along with the JV teams, and they are all doing very well. The teams are looking forward to playing Carver High School next on Friday, January 17th. Forbush High School will also be inducting eight new people into the Hall of Fame that night at 7:30, after the Varsity girls game.

Big things are happening for the wrestling team as well. Forbush High School is very proud of Eli Thomas, who recently earned his 100th career victory in wrestling. The swim team is also having a great season. Their conference swim meet is on Friday, January 17th at the Armfield Civic Center. Mark Beauter, one of the swim coaches at Forbush said, “we’ve had a lot of new swimmers this year, and they have all worked really hard. They have all improved their times, and I think we have had a good season.”

Eli Thomas (right) racks up another win at the State Championship in 2019.

Keepin' it 100

Eli Thomas Receives 100th Career Win

Lindsay Ray & Cortney Myers


Eli Thomas, a junior at Forbush High School, received his 100th career win in wrestling this season. At the incredible rate he is going, he is on track to set many new records at Forbush in wrestling. Placing 2nd in the state tournament last year, along with being the WPAC Conference Champion and two-time winner of the Big A ministry wrestling tournament hosted here at the Bush, Eli has many accomplishments from his past three years. When asked how it felt to reach 100 wins at this year’s Big A tournament, Eli responded, “It feels good to reach a benchmark in my career and becoming one step closer to a state championship title. My goal is to break the school record of the most wins here at Forbush High School.”

This achievement didn’t come easy. Eli only takes about 2-3 weeks off after the season ends and before beginning to train for the next wrestling season. Thomas “lift weights and practices his techniques” during the summer and the beginning of the school year in order to dominate the season. Coach Farmer knew he had some major potential on the team when Eli placed 2nd in the Conference Tournament his freshman year. Thomas is determined to set a new record for the school before he graduates next year.

Congratulations to Eli Thomas on his 100th win! Forbush can’t wait to see what you accomplish next season!

Maria Pelagio studies for her upcoming CTE exam.

Exam prep

Students Prepare for Upcoming Exams

Ameshia Long & Kylee Johnson


The beginning of December means multiple things to different people. Some think of Christmas, others think of snow, and if you’re a student you’re most likely thinking of exams. North Carolina students have been taking standardized tests as early as elementary school years, making most pupils accustom to such large tests. Here at Forbush, different exams are offered including EOCs (End of Course Exams), NC Final Exam, and CTEs (Career and Technical Education Exams). The type of class determines the type of exam required to receive credit for that course, for example, Apparel and Textile Productions requires students to take a CTE exam for the specific class. Along with the different types of tests, there are also different types of students with their own study habits. Interviewing students from the lower class and the upper class, we compare the different amount of stress, hours of studying, and any other details that help us Forbush students prepare for exams. We also looked at how a teacher helps there students as exams near.

Starting with the freshman class Annemarie Hutchens said, “I’m not that nervous. Well, I’m a little more nervous than I was right before I took the EOGs (End-of-Grade test), but I can not imagine there is a large difference. Either way, I have been studying to prepare myself.” As freshman winter exams can seem stressful, due to their lack of formality with high school exams, earlier standardized tests have somewhat prepared them. Students such as Annemarie buckle down and review the past eight weeks of material as she takes these exams seriously. These study habits may seem overrated to some, but others including the upperclassmen, find these practices beneficial and needed to make a high exam grade.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, senior Laiken Baity said: “I only have one exam and I really don’t have to study, especially being a senior I am basically done with my core classes.” Most seniors and juniors have Surry classes or classes that do not require an exam, such as Spanish II, resulting in students like Laiken only having one exam.

Collecting data from students and teachers show that underclassmen tend to spend more time studying and preparing for exams, than their upperclassman peers. Teachers prepare students throughout the year, but hand out extra worksheets and study guides in the last couple of weeks, as they each have different techniques to review. Taking exams is inevitable here at Forbush, but we are supplied with great tools and teachers to help us succeed. We are wishing each student luck for the upcoming exams!

Accompanied by Mr. Senter, Zeke Matthews receives his award from Rick Hendrick.

Congratulations Zeke Matthews!

Rick Hendrick Engine Builder Student Showdown Winner

Lindsay Ray & Elie Ayers


Congratulations to senior Zeke Matthews on winning first place at the Rick Hendrick Engine Builder Showdown! The Rick Hendrick Engine Building School is a competition where they take the top 16 kids based on exam scores in the state to compete. Zeke’s exam score qualified him for this competition. At the event, they pull names out of a hat to pair up teams. The teams had to put a real Nascar engine together and let it run for 60 seconds. Zeke’s team finished the build in 43 minutes and 7 seconds, including the one minute run time for the competition.

Rick Hendrick, the founder of the competition, was so impressed with Forbush’s own Zeke Matthews that he gave him his card and told Zeke he could come work for him anytime he wanted. This opportunity includes giving Zeke a tool box full of snap on tools, which amounts to around $30,000 in equipment. Matthews represented the Bush well during this competition. Senter says that Zeke “never ceases to amaze me and I'm super proud of him and excited to watch him compete at anything.” It's not just Zeke’s mentor that is proud of him; after hearing the results of the competition, Dr. Kennedy said, “I was very excited to hear that Zeke was on the winning team at the Engine Builder Student Showdown. Just the fact that he was invited to the event was a huge accomplishment, but then to win was a bonus! I am very proud of Zeke and all that he has accomplished. He is a hard-working young man and he will continue to accomplish great things after he graduates from Forbush High School."

This isn’t the only big accomplishment from Zeke. Last year, Matthews finished 2nd in the state in Marine Technology and 12th in the nation in Marine Technology. Before that, he finished 4th in the state in Motorcycle Technology and has won regionals 3 times. The Engine Build is just one of Zeke's many accomplishments. I think we can all agree with Senter when he says, “I have a feeling we will be traveling to Kentucky again this year to compete nationally in Power Equipment Technology.” Students, if you see Zeke on campus, give him a big congrats on his many accomplishments in Power Equipment Technology. Congratulations Zeke!

Student of the month

November Student of the Month

Cortney Myers


This month, Forbush High School has nominated students Jose Pelagio (9th), Chase Smitherman (10th), Emily Whitaker (11th), and Kacey Clearly (12th) for being outstanding students. These students have a positive attitude and show hard work and dedication to their school work.

Joes Pelagio, the nominated freshmen, says his favorite class at Forbush High School is “drafting because it’s fun to design new houses differently.” Jose says his favorite teacher “has to be coach Tuck, my 2nd-period class. He has a great personality and always has a smile on his face.” Pelagio says he enjoys to “work out from time to time” in his free time. When asked about being selected for Student of the Month, Pelagio said, “I am proud of myself because I try to do my best in school, and always turn in work in time and be nice to my teachers and fellow students.”

Chase Smitherman, a sophomore who was nominated for student of the month, says his favorite class “will have to be American History. I find it very interesting to learn about how our country has evolved.” When asked who his favorite teacher was, Smitherman said, “My favorite teacher is Mrs. Jordan because she makes sure you understand how to do the work and goes into detail about it.” Smitherman is on the swim team, baseball team, football team, and is a member of Beta Club. Smitherman said, “I feel honored to be selected as a student of the month.”

Emily Whitaker, nominated out of the junior class, says “My favorite class that I have taken at Forbush High School would have to be pre-cal with Mrs. Jordan because I love math and the way she teaches the hard material.” Whitaker says, “My favorite teacher is Mrs. Jordan because she does everything she can to make sure all of her students understand the material. I love the environment of her classroom and the way she teaches. She also cracks me up on a daily basis!” Emily Whitaker is involved in “Junior Civitan, FCA, and student council at Forbush High School.” She is also on the swim, cross country, and track team. In her free time, Whitaker says she likes to spend time with her friends and family and “eat a lot of food” together. When asked how she feels about being nominated as a Student of the Month, she said, “I feel like it is an honor to be chosen as a student of the month because not everyone gets to be chosen. It also makes you feel good to know people would want you to be Student of the Month.”

Kacey Clearly, the senior nominated for Student of the Month, says her favorite class is “chorus, because you can be yourself without the fear of being judged. It is also a very fun class that always has something new going on.” Cleary says her favorite teacher at Forbush High school is Mrs. Frazier. She says that Mrs. Frazier is “more like a library mom than a teacher. She is always there when needed and gives the best advice. Mrs. Frazier also has such a kind heart and is willing to give without wanting anything back!” Cleary holds the position of secretary in Beta Club, and is involved in NHS, track, and is a shore scholar with the shore scholarship program. In her free time, Cleary says she likes “to spend time with my best friend,” eat food,” watch Netflix” and “exercises to de-stress.” When asked how she feels about being nominated as a student of the month she says, “I am thankful and honored that I was chosen. It feels good to know that people have thought about me and think highly of enough to nominate me for it. It makes me really happy!”

Congratulations to all four amazing students!

Emma Medwin and Vianey Cortez are thankful for having each other and being best friends for four years.

Thankful, grateful, blessed

What Are You Thankful For?

Brisa Aguilar & Kacie Hutchens


Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It originated as a harvest festival. The event that Americans commonly call the "First Thanksgiving" was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621. For many individuals, Thanksgiving is one of the only times that extended families are able to come together. This is incredibly important because it provides the opportunity for family members to spend a day together.

Some students at Forbush High School were asked what they are thankful for around school campus. Jacob Boyles, freshman, says, “Friendship is one of the many things I am thankful for around school because they just brighten up a gloomy day.” Another freshman, Wyatt Graham, says, “I am thankful for my teachers who inspire me and help me strive towards what they feel is best for me.” Senior Carter Pittman says, “ I am most thankful for the wonderful lunch meals our lunch ladies provide us everyday.” Two senior students, Taylor Hauser and Graylyn Shore, say, “We are most thankful for our teacher, Roy Cave, because he gives us the opportunity to become a part of something bigger than ourselves.”

Teachers were also asked what they are thankful for around school campus. Most teachers answered, “Seeing students participate in Friends Feeding Friends is always heartwarming during the month of November.” Spanish Teacher, Sña. Helton said, “I am most thankful for Mr. Hauser because he can always be seen with a smile and you will always receive a warm welcome.”

There is always something to be thankful for, even if it is as small as having good health. Appreciate the things you have. “Thank you.” It’s a simple phrase. Short. Sweet. Use it with abundance.

J Building, the science building at Forbush High School, will be renamed to the J. Howard McKnight Building.

J building gets new name

Howard McKnight to Receive Honor

Kailey Smitherman


Forbush High School is proud to rename the science building the “J. Howard McKnight Building,” honoring its new namesake for 49 years of service to the students and staff of Yadkin County. This name was adopted on November 4th by the Yadkin County Board of Education.

James Howard McKnight has been a lifelong educator that is looked at by many as a mentor and friend. He was a biology teacher at Forbush High School for 32 years from 1968 to 2000, and between him and his students, it’s hard to say who loved who more. He always worked to benefit his students in any way he could. He established university affiliations for students to obtain biology credits while in high school at Forbush and volunteered his time as an athletic trainer for many sports teams. His dedication to this school and Yadkin County continued even after retirement. In 2002, he was elected to the Yadkin County Board of Education, and was appointed Chairman of the Board. He has faithfully served the students of Yadkin County Schools and citizens of Yadkin County for 17 years, and is currently the Chairman of the Board.

Ginger Hamric was a student of McKnight’s and is now a chemistry teacher at Forbush. One of her favorite memories was “every lunch and break, people would go and hang out with him in his class; it was called Howard’s Zoo.” She had McKnight for advanced biology while in high school. She loved the class, and McKnight is one of the reasons she decided to become a science teacher; “I wanted to be like Howard.” McKnight made a big impact on his students and was a role model to many. Hamric said McKnight has “always been a big inspiration for me, and I am so glad they are naming [J] building after him.”

Sarah Owens takes a short break as the ref decides a call at her travel soccer game.

Life outside of the nest

How Students Invest their Time Outisde of School

Elei Ayers & Lindsay Ray


Out of the 168 hours in a week, students only attend 35 hours worth of class. So what do they do in the remaining 133 hours? Extracurricular activities play a very important role in the lives of students at Forbush. From playing sports to performing in the arts, Falcons pursue additional activities to keep them engaged outside of school hours.

Basketball season is in full swing for student athletes like Caleb Boles. When asked if the transition into practicing everyday has been difficult for his routine, Caleb responded with “the adjustment in my time has been a little bit stressful, but I’m so used to being busy all the time that I haven’t really been bothered by it. The only difficult part is making time to study and maintaining my grades.” Caleb is eager to see what this season holds and says that he looks forward to “playing for Coach Huggins, the new head coach, and playing [against] Starmount.” Unlike Caleb who is just starting his season, athlete Sarah Owens just finished her travel soccer season. Sarah plays with Yadkin Soccer Association for the Cyclones. Only losing one game, her team had a very successful season. She grew up playing soccer and has “made so many friends along the way.”

Sports aren’t the only thing that the Falcons are participating in this Fall. Ragan Cave and Megan Brown take part in dance at Nan’s School of Dance. Ragan and Megan go to dance two or three times a week, every week. They typically spend 6 hours a week at dance after school. When asked how she managed her time, Ragan responded that “normally Megan and I will go to dance after school and sit in our cars until it’s time to start. During that time we try to complete all of our homework so we don’t have any to do when we get home.” Elijah Golden is involved in plays at the Yadkin Arts Council. In the current play “Beautiful Star”, Elijah helps by working with the props behind the scenes. “During the week we have rehearsals from 7pm-10pm, and we also go in on Saturdays.” The countless hours he invests throughout the week help to create a beautiful play.

Although students spend many of their hours studying at a desk, they capitalize on their free time to enjoy activities they choose. Extracurriculars are very important in the lives of Falcons who invest a large amount of effort into the things they are passionate about.

Brisa and Oscar work to complete the project for Mr. Beuter's English class.

Stop! Collaborate and listen!

Group Projects in Classes

Suzie Beamguard & Mary Faulker


Group Projects: some people love 'em, some people hate 'em. Regardless of how you feel about them, they are unavoidable. Whether it’s in English class or math, science class or theater, you will inevitably do a group project at some point in your high school career. They teach you the valuable skills of listening to others, working with your peers, and being a part of something that is more than yourself.

Recently, I had the chance to sit down and interview two members of a four person group who had just completed a project in Mr. Beuter's English 4 class. They had read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a story about a man who kills an albatross and gets stranded at sea. The story is split into seven parts, and each group had to make a video for one of the parts of the story. Abigail Carachure, Maggie Spillman, Oscar Arzate, and Brisa Aguilar were given scene one. They had to recreate the first scene of the Mariner, which involved a wedding, a storyteller, and (spoilers) the albatross being shot from the sky.

When asked, Brisa said that “doing the work [and] actually getting things done” was the most difficult part of a group project, which went well in hand with her response to the best thing about a group project: “being able to hang out and stuff [with friends] during and after class.”

Oscar, on the other hand, had a different take on the advantages and disadvantages of group projects. It’s true that “you don’t have to be stressed out about working by yourself because you have other people to help you,” but he admitted that the more people you add to a project, the harder it is to get everyone to agree on things. “Obviously each person has their own opinion about things,” and it can be hard for them to come together.

Despite their varying answers on the first two questions, Oscar and Brisa both agreed whole-heartedly that they would rather work in pairs than alone or in a group. It is easier to come to agreements, there are less people pulling you off task, and it is simpler to divide the work between two people.

These are, of course, just two opinions on group projects. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would rather work in a group than in a pair, and others still who would prefer to just work alone. However I think we can all agree that, love them or hate them, group projects are an integral part of preparing our students for life after high school.

Kristian Davis shows off his Dewey’s order form in support of the Bush Band.

'Tis the season

Time to Purchase Your Holiday Wants and Support the Falcons

Kacie Hutchens & Brisa Aguilar


As it nears the busy holiday season, many people are trying to find the perfect gift for their friend or loved one. When it comes to buying gifts, you want to make the most of your money. You do what you can to get the most out of your product with the money you are putting into it. If you are looking for the perfect gift that can help out other people, then the Forbush High School clubs are the places to look!

Do you have dinner plans for November 24th? The Forbush High School FFA alumni will be selling quarts of chicken stew. They will be on sale from now up to November 13th. These quarts are $10 and can be picked up November 24th from 4pm-6pm. There will be some quarts available for purchase on the day of distribution, but quantity is limited.

The Bush Band is currently selling Dewey’s treats and will be opening up the Dewey’s Store in Yadkinville towards late November into December. They are also selling Texas Roadhouse gift cards. These gift cards come at a variety of prices, so you can choose which works best for you and your budget.

Lastly, the Forbush High School Drama Boosters Club will be holding a silent action during the performances of The Little Mermaid Jr. They will be auctioning off over 40 items! The Drama Club will also be holding a dinner theatre option for the production of The Little Mermaid. The dinner will be held Saturday, November 23rd before the show. Tickets are $22 for the dinner with show. All the proceeds will go to the Forbush High School Drama Club Boosters.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, Forbush High School has something to offer. For more information about any of these upcoming fundraisers and more, please contact Forbush High School at (336) 961-4644.

Carson Phillips, Ainsley Davis, Carter Brown and Creed Atwood are selected as the October Student of the Month.

Student of the month

October Student of the Month

Kylee Johnson & Ameshia Long


Students at Forbush High School each excel in their own individual ways. To honor students’ achievements, factuality nominate worthy scholars to be named student of the month. These students have been impressive throughout their academic years while having a positive and contributing attitude to the community. The following students have been chosen for the month of October, 2019: Carter Brown (9th), Carson Phillips (10th), Ainsley Davis (11th), and Creed Atwood (12th).

Our selected freshman, Carter Brown, says his favorite class here at Forbush is “English, but not just any English; Mrs. Blackburn’s English I Honors class, because she makes it fun.” We also gain insight into Brown’s favorites as he answers “My favorite teacher is Doby [Mrs. Bueter] because she allows me to have fun in her class.” Carter spends large amounts of his free time riding four-wheelers. When asked about how he felt about being selected as a Student of the Month, he politely answered “proud.”

Carson Phillips, our awarded sophomore, chose math with Mr. Matthews as his favorite class, saying: “It’s my favorite because I am able to learn and am able to help others.” When Carson was asked about his favorite teacher, he said “Mrs. Davis, because she is a nice teacher.” When not focusing on academics, Carson puts in his time and dedication with the club FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Outside of FCA and school, Carson said: “I work and help out others during my free time.” Lastly, he was asked about his feelings after learning he had been chosen for student of the month and his final answer was “good.”

Ainsley Davis, junior, said her favorite class here at Forbush is “Currently pre-calculus. I have a passion for math, which is why I love the class and [it] is beneficial, as it is a challenging course.” Ainsley had a troubled time choosing her favorite teacher as she believes all of her teachers have positively impacted her separately each in their own way. She eventually settled on “either Mrs. Jordan or Mrs. Norman. Both are wonderful teachers who challenge their students, but also will do anything they can to help their students succeed.” Ainsley is involved in numerous extracurricular activities: she is the vice president of her student class, secretary of Junior Civitan, FCA member and leader, BETA club member, NHS (National Honor Society) member, and a member of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). Outside of academics and clubs, Ainsley is also a part of the soccer, tennis, and basketball teams. When she is not busy with sports or clubs, she enjoys spending time with her friends. Ainsley ended her interview by saying “I am honored and grateful to be selected student of the month.”

Senior, Creed Atwood, was asked: “What is your favorite class at Forbush High School and why?” Creed answered “Art with Mrs. Bryant, because she has pushed me further than most [teachers] have. It is a great experience having her.” His favorite teacher is Doby, as she makes history “enjoyable” and has a “uniquely good” personality. Creed enjoys working on cars and expresses his hobby by taking classes on the subject here at Forbush, such as automotive. He also works on cars during his free time. When not working on cars he can be found listening to music and working. When asked about being selected for the student of the month Creed said: “I feel amazing considering I was nominated multiple times.”

The honored students have been selected due to their amazing personalities and continue to spread their positivity throughout the campus. Congratulations, Falcons!

Alexandria Santos and Madelyn Hutchens are enjoying the sweet air of fall.

Spooky szn

How Students and Teachers Embrace the Spook

Kacie Hutchens & Brisa Aguilar


Halloween is one of the few days a year where kids get to express who or what they want to be. The night of fantasy is full of fright, happiness, and most importantly, sugar.

Americans buy about 600 million pounds of candy each year for Halloween alone. Of all the different types of candy, Candy Corn is the most popular. Candy Corn was invented in the 1880’s, and ever since it has been a controversial topic on whether people love it or leave it. Students and staff and Forbush High School were asked whether they would love it or leave it, and it was about 50/50. There is also a debate on the different ways to eat candy corn. Some people bite the different sections while others just eat it whole. It is said that if Brach’s were to lay out all the candy corn that they sell each year it would wrap around Earth 4.25 times!

Some say you are never too old to go trick or treating while others say you should stop when you get out of school. Some US cities have taken it to ban people over the age of 12 from trick or treating to avoid danger. Forbush High students and staff said that they would rather stay in and hand out candy than the tradition of going out.

Other traditions for fall include going to a corn maze or pumpkin patch. Students and staff said that they would rather go to a corn maze than a pumpkin patch. Of those who wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, they said the reason they like to go is because they get to pick out the “perfect pumpkin” and they get to take cute pictures with their friends. People who would rather go to a corn maze said that they would rather go there because some corn mazes are scary and people will jump out and grab them.

Trunk or Treating is also a very widely known event for southerners. Many kids and adults participate and find it just as exciting as going door to door. In our area we have over 35 churches that participate in this well known tradition. Kids from all over get excited to walk from car to car collecting candy and enjoying fellowship with the community.

Whether you are going out to Trick or Treat or taking the evening to relax, Halloween has something for everyone regardless of how old you may be.

Mr. Cave sits at his desk during his fourth period masonry class, before he takes the class outside to continue working on their project.

The caveman

Teacher Feature: Roy Cave

Kailey Smitherman & Cortney Myers


Mr. Cave has been a teacher at Forbush for 25 years and is retiring at the end of this school year. He teaches the CTE classes masonry and CORE, which is an introduction class to construction.

Cave said his favorite part of teaching is “helping the kids,” and he went into teaching because he wanted to do that. He said, “I’ve always liked working with kids. I’ve coached and worked with kids before, and I wanted to be able to help them in life.” His favorite memory from teaching has been the cookouts he used to have in his class. “We used to have four or five cookouts a year here at school, during class. We cooked deer, and goat, almost anything, for my class and other teachers. One time we had squirrel stew.”

Carlos Transou, a student of Mr. Cave’s said, “Cave is crazy. He always makes me laugh; he’s taught me a lot, and I’ve really enjoyed having him in masonry.”

In addition to teaching, Cave also owns chicken houses and farms and does construction work. He said he works two other jobs after school, so after retirement he is most looking forward to “getting home around 7 in the evening.”

A fellow CTE teacher, Mr. Harris, said “I’ve known [Cave] since I was about nine, and I will say he is the hardest working man I know.”

Forbush High School is thankful to have such a great teacher for so long, and wishes the best for him in his retirement.

A small portion of the beautiful set painted by FHS’s theater students!

Life is the bubbles!

FHS Prepares for The Little Mermaid Jr Production

Suzie Beamguard & Mary Faulkner


November 22nd is fast approaching, and preparations for Forbush High School’s production of The Little Mermaid Jr. are in full swing! From practicing lines and blocking in their spare time, to staying late after school to help paint the set, to helping teach middle school performers difficult choreography, our students are willing to put in everything it takes to make this show one to remember!

This will be the first performance at Forbush that will be using periaktos (the large movable triangles displaying the beautifully painted set), and it is all thanks to our amazing Theater Boosters team! With the periaktos, the cast will be able to have backdrops for multiple scenes, and they can be reused in future shows! The auditorium also has new sound panels (thank you again, Theater Boosters!), so there will be less excessive sound echoing about, and you will be able to hear the extremely talented cast even better!

Another new surprise in this year’s show will be Mrs. Campbell’s inclusion of a group of middle schoolers. This is Mrs. Campbell’s first year teaching at the middle school and she came up with the wonderful idea to give her young students the chance to perform on stage with her high school students. The middle schoolers will be in three songs, and they have been working are to learn all of their lines and choreography. High school students often go in to Mrs. Campbell’s class to help the middle schoolers. It’s a great chance for them to display some leadership skills.

To buy tickets for the show, go to https://fhslittlemermaidjr.brownpapertickets.com/! Sales are going fast, so get them quick!

(Left to right) Kaleb Matthews, Cheyenne Ratledge, Elizabeth Spriggs, and Allie Long show off their achievements at a recent land judging competition in FFA.

Living in the moment, preparing for the future

How Club Events Help Prepare for Life Outside of School

Kylee Johnson & Ameshia Long


The Forbush Falcon’s faculty and students all find their own ways to connect to one another and the community. One convenient way to do this is through the numerous clubs offered here at the school. Each club is geared to help each individual student pursue their interest while being surrounded by peers with similar interests. Many students that are considering joining the medical field gravitate towards the Health Occupations of America (HOSA), fulfilling opportunities that provide medical experience. Prospective business majors often consider the club DECA to sharpen their entrepreneurship and marketing skills.

Junior Civitan is a club that focuses on community service and leadership skills. Its members participate in events like the coat drive, help with concession stands, volunteer at fall festivals throughout the county, and also help with Grandparent’s Day events at various schools. Mr. Vestal, the advisor of Junior Civitan, believes this club is important because it “teaches young people to get involved with community service projects at an early age so they keep the same passion about helping others as they enter adulthood.”

Future Farmers of America (FFA) have had an eventful first semester with the new advisor, Steve Calloway. Four-year member Kaleb Matthews recently won a competitive event in forestry; he comments on the achievement saying, “It was great to have won, I felt like my hard work and determination had finally paid off, while also making my other FFA members proud.” Kaleb will continue to compete for FFA as he builds skills to pursue his interest in agriculture and farm life.

The student body at Forbush has many clubs to choose from, as each club provides different opportunities for like-minded students. All clubs have one common goal, and that is to shape each student to be successful throughout their life.

Kailey Smitherman says that she is “so honored and blessed” to have won the title of 2019 Homecoming Queen.

Let's glo Falcons

Students and Faculty Celebrate Homecoming 2019

Elei Ayers & Lindsay Ray


Falcons 2019 homecoming has been in full swing! From spirit week to the homecoming court, students and staff have been overwhelmed with excitement for this event. To start off the week, students arrived at school comfortable and ready to learn for pajama Monday. Giddying up into Wednesday, students wore their western attire; the horses were in the back (of the school parking lot) which even made its round on social media. Wrapping up the week, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors wore different colors to represent their grade. A pepped and rallied student body left the school fired up and pumped for the game later that night against the North Surry greyhounds. In the midst of all this preparation, teachers conducted a door decor competition. Even though all the doors showed school spirit, Mrs. Campbell won the online poll, and Mrs. Bryant won the student vote for the competition.

Finally, after all of the anticipation, it was time for kickoff. The Falcons fought hard for a victory, but fell short at 19-20. Although it was a tough loss for the team, it was an exciting night for those on the homecoming court. Four representatives from each grade were nominated by the student body and were later voted to be crowned princess or queen. The freshmen representatives were Kara Hutchens, Kasey Matthews, Laci Mendenhall, and Brooke Davis. Sophomore representatives consisted of Ashlyn Shore, Annabelle Shore, Skylar Southard, and Sarah Owens. Junior representatives were Katey Williams, Kendall Irvin, Salem Finney, and Camille Fowler. Finally, the senior nominees were Kailey Smitherman, Parkley Hennings, Laiken Baity, and Morgan Beane. The results are in, and your princesses are Kara Hutchens (freshman), Skylar Southard (sophomore), and Kendall Irvin (junior). Last but not least, Miss Kailey Smitherman was crowned homecoming queen for the class of 2020.

The homecoming festivities didn’t stop there. The Falcons cut a rug on Saturday at their Hoco Glo themed dance. The student body dressed up to get down in formal clothing; glow stick bracelets and necklaces were given out as a fashion statement. Senior, Cortney Myers said, “I had a ton of fun; It was definitely a night to remember. ̈

Megan Smith forehands the ball back to her opponent after a difficult serve.

Faithful Falcons all throughout the season

How Pre-Season Prep is Paying Off for Falcon Athletes

Kylee Johnson & Ameshia Long


For the past few weeks, the Falcon’s fall sports have been winning games, practicing hard, and showing their love and determination for the game. With some sports being undefeated in conference and others off by just one game, many coaches credit their winning streaks to the hard work and preparation the players put in during the summer.

The varsity football team is 2-0 in conference and 5-1 in overall play so far. We asked Coach Tuck how he thinks summer workouts pay off in the long run, and he responded by saying “The season is a grind, both mentally and physically, so we put them through a lot of hard workouts to prepare them for a long season. It's especially evident early in the season when it's still really hot and humid, and the fact that we didn't have many players who wore down in those conditions showed us that those workouts paid dividends.” Along with the football team, varsity men’s soccer is also undefeated in conference play and has an overall record of 13-2 and 1 tie. Congratulations to both the football and soccer teams! We wish you the best for the rest of your season.

The Volleyball team is also doing great! They are currently tied first in the conference with an overall record of 11-1. They have a big game coming up at West Stokes that will play a big role in determining if they edge out Surry Central for the title leading up to the conference tournament.

After 43 long years, the women’s tennis team clinched the conference champions title and finished with a 13-3 overall record. Megan Smith, junior, says, “It was kind of delayed since we won the championship title at West Stokes. Even though we won the title, we wanted to also end the season undefeated in conference play so we had to beat Atkins as well. After we finished undefeated and conference champions, we were all so happy to see our hard work had paid off.” Megan and the rest of her teammates shared the same overwhelming wave of excitement about winning the conference title for the first time in 43 years.

The Forbush Falcon’s coaches and players have been witnessing the results of hard work and dedication they put in throughout the summer and the beginning weeks of their season. Most of the audience is oblivious to the hours put in by players and coaches, but they soon realize their records show otherwise. Keep fighting, Falcons!

Skylar Southard and Emma Cheek assist in the donor room while agriculture teacher, Mr. Calloway, donates blood.

A beautiful day to save lives

Forbush High School HOSA Hosts its Annual Fall Blood Drive

Kailey Smitherman & Cortney Myers


On Friday, September 27th, Forbush High School hosted its annual fall blood drive sponsored by HOSA. HOSA, or Health Occupation Teams of America, is led by advisor Adrianna Sloan and holds blood drives in the fall and spring semesters. The blood drives are run by HOSA members and the American Red Cross. This year, an astounding 155 pints of blood was collected, which will benefit 465 lives.

It takes many volunteers to accomplish a successful blood drive, and lots of preparation and planning beforehand. The blood drive requires all hands on deck. Mrs. Sloan, HOSA members, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Dorman, Mrs. Frazier, maintenance, the data manager, PE, band, ROTC, and music classes all make the blood drive possible. Students stayed after school on Thursday, September 26th to set up for the event, moving in chairs and tables from other classrooms. They arrived as early as 6:45 am on Friday to help, and stayed after school that day to clean up. It takes around 25-35 volunteers each school period to run the blood drive.

A couple HOSA members shared what they helped with at this year’s blood drive. This was Brisa Aguilar’s third year in HOSA, and 5th blood drive she has worked. She was a runner at this blood drive, and she said, “I went to get students who signed up for the blood drive out of their class to give blood.” Ashlyn Shore also worked the blood drive, in the donor room. In the donor room, she "walked around, talked to people giving blood, brought them a snack or drink if needed, and tried to make them feel comfortable.”

High school students at Forbush that are 16 years or older are eligible to donate blood. Many of the students and teachers give blood during the school day, as well as other parents and adults. Samuel Crews is a senior at Forbush and gave blood at this fall blood drive. This was his second time giving blood, and he plans on doing it again. He said he gave blood because he “wanted to help others in need.”

With the help of many HOSA member volunteers, advisor Adrianna Sloan, other teachers and staff, the American Red Cross, and donors, this year’s fall blood drive was very successful.

Makenzie Warden, Mrs. Roberts, Avery Durham, and Mikaley Lane

Singing to the top

Students Audition for the NC Honors Choir

Suzie Beamguard & Mary Faulkner


Each year, hundreds of North Carolina high school students make their way to UNCG to audition for the statewide Honors Choir. Of those hundreds, only about 160 students are accepted. The Honors Choir is a chance for students who enjoy singing to try their hand at more challenging pieces and experience something beyond their own high school chorus class.

This year, Forbush sent three students to audition for the Honors Choir. Avery Durham, Mackenzie Warden, and Mikaley Lane joined our school’s chorus teacher, Mrs. Roberts, on the trip to UNCG earlier this week. For their auditions, they each performed “Dance and Invocation” by David Conte. While none of them made it into the Honors Choir, they did get a very valuable experience from it. Auditioning for anything of importance is no easy task, and it can be more than a little nerve-racking. When asked about how she deals with the stage fright, Mikaley shared that “I just put myself in the place where it’s just me in the room and I just live in the moment.”

When asked about his experience with the audition, Avery said “it was a once in a lifetime experience, and hopefully I get to do it again.” Luckily, none of the people who went this year are seniors, so they will have another shot at it next year!

Sanchez, Weisner, Wooten, and Matthews are selected as September Student of the Month.

Student of the month

September Student of the Month

Kacie Hutchens & Brisa Aguilar


Each month at Forbush High School, one student from each grade is nominated and voted on by our staff to be a Student of the Month. These students have been chosen because of their good attitudes and willingness to work. The Forbush High School staff chose Nick Weisner for 9th, Zoe Sanchez for 11th, Reagan Wooten for 11th, and Zeke Matthews for 12th grade.

Nick Weisner says, “My favorite class at Forbush is English. I like English because we get to read and write about what we like and what we do. Also, we get to learn more about the history of it.” He says his favorite teacher at Forbush High School is “Mrs. Campbell. I say this because she is fun, and we are hands on in her class, and she likes to crack jokes a lot.” Weisner is involved in soccer, baseball, and drama club. When asked what he does in his free time he says, “In my free time I like to sing and go outside and play soccer or throw a baseball.” Lastly, he was asked how he felt about being selected as a Student of the Month, he told us, “I feel very proud to be selected as Student of the Month because I am a freshman and this is so exciting for me.”

Zoe Sanchez told the yearbook staff her favorite class at Forbush High School is, “art because in art class there are no mistakes, just creative minds putting their creativity on paper.” She was then asked who her favorite teacher is and why, and she said “Mrs. Frazier because she is the sweetest, most kind, and understanding person you will meet and will try her hardest everyday to help those students who need it.” Sanchez is involved in art club and even helped paint the wall in C and B building. When asked what she does in her free time she replied, “What I like to do is watch Netflix, listen to music, play video games, and play with my animals.” Her final question was, “How do you feel about being selected as a Student of the Month?” She answered, “Surprised! I never expected to be selected as Student of the Month, but I am happy and grateful to be.”

Reagan Wooten was asked what her favorite class at Forbush High School is and why, and she replied, “My favorite class is Mrs. Sloan’s Health Science classes. Her classes are so much fun, and I want to pursue a career in nursing.” Her favorite teacher at Forbush is Mrs. Sloan. She is involved in H.O.S.A. and Volleyball. In her free time, she likes to “play travel volleyball.” Her last question was how she felt about being selected as Student of the Month and she said “I feel accomplished in what I am doing.”

Zeke Matthews says his favorite class at Forbush High School is “Automotive class because I get stuff out of it that I can [use for] the rest of my life.” His favorite teacher is “Mr. Senter because he has helped me get where I am now in my life.” He is involved in Skills USA, FFA, and National Technical Honor Society. In his free time, he chooses to “work on old cars and farm equipment.” He was asked how he felt about being selected as a Student of the Month and he said it “feels great.”

Congratulations to these four outstanding students! Keep up the hard-work. Watch out for the October students.

“Think Big, Vote Small!” Gaines Small says as he demonstrates his campaigning tactics.

New leaders to govern

Members of Student Council Elected

Elei Ayers & Lindsay Ray


The 2019-2020 student body elections took place September 12th and the results are here! This just in, Gaines Small is the new Senior Class President for the graduating class of 2020. His running mate, Kailey Smitherman, is now the Vice President, and Miranda Bellanger takes on the role of Secretary.

Gaines Small is excited to begin his newfound role as Senior Class President. When asked how he felt about being elected, Gaines replied, “It’s cool because I get to represent my friends and [the] school as a whole.” He believes that his role at Forbush has created many new opportunities, like “promoting good behavior and school spirit” among his peers. Although Gaines is enthusiastic about his new position, he is also nervous of the responsibilities that come along with it such as giving a graduation speech and planning class reunions. However, Gaines feels that he is ready for the challenge.

Alongside Gaines is his Vice President, Kailey Smitherman. She shares the same eagerness as Gaines and is ready for the upcoming events of the school year. Kailey says that she is “honored to be Vice President and thrilled to be able to represent the student body.”

Senior Representatives

Class President: Gaines Small

Vice President: Kailey Smitherman

Secretary: Miranda Bellanger

Junior Representatives

Class President: Evan Stevens

Vice President: Ainsley Davis

Secretary: Ameshia Long

Sophomore Representatives

Class President: Jackson Gentry

Vice President: Dawson Graham

Freshman Representatives

Class President: Alex Morrison

You just can't hide that Falcon pride.

Photo Credit: Kenny Davis, https://holeinone.smugmug.com

The big bowl game

How the Unifi Bowl Affects Students & Teachers at FHS

Ameshia Long & Kylee Johnson


During the week of the Unifi Bowl, school spirit is at an all-time high. With spirit week themes such as Jersey Day, Throwback Thursday, and ‘Merica Day, students become increasingly excited about the annual game between the two long-time rivals, Forbush and Starmount. Senora Helton, who also likes to get in on the fun, emphasizes the importance of student and staff participation by saying “Spirit Week is very important for the Unifi Bowl because it gets everyone hyped up for the game and it makes the week go by a lot quicker. I love to participate with my fellow teachers and I love to see what the students come up with for their outfits.”

For the game, many students like to go all out to show their Falcon pride. The student section theme was “America Night” and it was a sea of red, white, and blue! All grade levels, freshman through seniors, had high attendance in the student section and cheered on our football team with lots of heart and soul. Casey Graham, quarterback for the Falcons, says what sets this rivalry game apart from the others is “There [are] a lot more people there and the pressure from the large crowd makes your nerves greater. I hate to disappoint the crowd and my team so it’s a lot of pressure on me as a player.”

The Forbush Falcon football team had a rough start to the game with Starmount leading by three touchdowns in the first half. As the second half began, senior Gaines Small noticed a shift in the student section’s spirits. Gaines says “At the beginning of the second half when we put points on the board, it hyped the student section up and lifted everyone’s spirits.” Even though Forbush fell to Starmount 35-29, the football team is looking forward to next year and coming back stronger than ever! Go Falcons!

Class of 2020 - GO FALCONS!

Class of 2020: the future looks good

Upcoming Events for Seniors

Kacie Hutchens & Brisa Aguilar


On Friday, September 13, 2019 the Forbush High School 2020 graduates met for an information meeting about upcoming senior events.

A representative from Surry Community College informed the students about the Surry Transfer Program. This program allows students to get an Associates degree or an Applied degree for approximately $1000 a semester. The application process is free and the FAFSA forms are due by June 1.

Students were also encouraged to sign up for the Senior 2020 Remind. Remind is a way students can receive text messages about upcoming events from Mr. Hutchens. Any senior who wishes to sign up for the text messages should text @20falcons to 81010.

Over the summer, seniors were given the opportunity to take their senior pictures through the school. Students who missed their portrait times can sign up for a makeup time at the Graduation Central page on the Forbush High School website. There is a $10 sitting fee, but with this fee they will receive the proofs of the photos taken.

Gaines Small was asked if he planned on purchasing pictures through the school or if was going to be doing his own and he said, “I might do my own.”

The Jostens sales representative will be at Forbush High School on October 30th at 10am. At this meeting, students will receive an order packet. This packet contains all the graduation gear the students can purchase. Students do not have to buy anything other than the cap and gown. The price of the cap and gown are $45. This is the only thing students are required to purchase. The Jostens sales representative will be at FHS on November 8th to collect the $45.

Seniors will have their cap and gown photos taken for the yearbook on November 8th starting at 8:15am. Men should wear a white dress shirt and tie. Ladies should plan to wear a plain shirt that will not show above the gown.

Any senior that wishes to have an ad in the FHS 2020 yearbook must design and pay for their ad online. The ad must be submitted and paid for by Christmas break, December 20th. Students and parents can get more information on the FHS website on the yearbook page under the student tab.

This year, seniors can submit a quote for the yearbook. The quote will be located directly under their photo. Students need to watch for the Google form in their student email. There must be 90% participation in order for it to be in the yearbook. These quotes must be school appropriate and will be screened by Dr. Kennedy.

Small was asked, “What do you think about doing the senior quotes?” He quickly answered, “I’m excited for the senior quotes! We get to be creative.”

He was also asked if he has thought about what his might be and he said, “Yes, ever since I was a freshman.”

After the meeting, seniors were aligned in the 2020 formation on the football field. If you wish to purchase this photo, return the envelope you received in your second period class by October 4th to 513E.

Mrs. Cox eagerly goes over the unique journal prompt to begin class to get her students engaged by tapping into their creative writing side.

Forbush's new LITerature teacher

FHS Welcomes Mrs. Victoria Cox to the English Department

Kailey Smitherman & Cortney Myers


Forbush High School is very excited to welcome Mrs. Cox, the new English teacher! Mrs. Cox began teaching at Forbush at the beginning of September, filling in Mrs. Papsun’s spot teaching English 1 and 2 classes.

Mrs. Cox is coming to Forbush from Elkin, where she had a previous background in the medical field. When asked what brought her to Forbush, she said, “I was eager to begin my teaching career, and was presented with an opportunity at Forbush High School.” She believes that she can bring “positivity and enthusiasm” to her classroom, students, school, and others around her. As a new teacher to this school, and being new to the area, she is most excited to “get to know the students and traditions of Forbush High School.” Mrs. Cox has lots of unique and engaging activities and lessons planned for her students this year. She was asked about these and she responded, “My three classes are currently reading Night and To Kill a Mockingbird. We have been doing some projects with these books that engage students by targeting their creative talents.”

Mrs. Dorman, Mrs. Cox’s mentor, said, “She is a wonderful addition to the English department. I’m very excited to work with her and get to know her better.” Mrs. Dorman also adds, “She has done a great job so far!”

Forbush faculty, staff, and students are very glad to have Mrs. Cox here, and are enthusiastic about the great things she will bring!

Megan Smith works vigorously to complete her assignments for her online Art Appreciation class offered by Surry Community College.

Staying connected

Students Take Online Surry Classes While Enrolled at FHS

Elei Ayers & Lindsay Ray


While most students study in class surrounded by others, some have chosen another route: online courses through Surry Community College. Students like Megan Smith are already getting ahead by receiving college credits while still in high school. This semester Megan is taking Introduction to Jazz, Art Appreciation, and Art History Survey I.

She has chosen to take her first two classes at home and only studies on campus for third and fourth period. When asked if she felt as if her online courses were preparing her for college she responded, “Yes. I am being taught many important lessons of time management, self-discipline, self-motivation, and how to be independent in my work.”

After being in the courses for a few weeks, would Megan recommend taking online classes to other students? Her response...“Absolutely.” From her point of view she has been given a great opportunity to gain college credit, with the bonus of working from home. Although her classes provide her with a healthy challenge, she enjoys them and pushes for others to consider taking them next semester.

“Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?” Mrs. Bryant collects items for the upcoming ocean pollution awareness project.

Commotion in the ocean

Art and Theater Collaboration for The Little Mermaid Jr. Production

Suzie Beamguard & Mary Faulkner


This year Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Campbell, FHS’s art and theater teachers, have put their beautifully creative minds together to come up with a new project combining both art and theater, calling it “Commotion in the Ocean.”

The art-theater collaboration will be based on The Little Mermaid Jr., the high school’s fall musical. After a lot of thinking they decided on a project to bring awareness to ocean pollution. Basically, the concept of the project is for students to use plastics to make their favorite marine animal. Mrs. Bryant will also be contributing to the project by making her own sea creature (or maybe a sea cucumber. She loves sea cucumbers!).

“You have to be in an art class to make a project.” stated Mrs. Bryant. “[But] if you're still wanting to participate, you are encouraged to bring in plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic lids, bottle caps, fishing line, twine, any other type of plastic materials or things you would find in the ocean.”

They are planning to display them right outside the auditorium during the little mermaid performances.

If you are interested in this project, but unable to help out right now, don’t worry! This won’t be your last chance to help bridge the divide between art and theater. According to Mrs. Campbell, “We are currently in the process of planning various types of art events for all of our future theater productions.”

Photo Credit: Kenny Davis

2 sport athlete gets award

Charlie Benitez is the August Athlete of the Month

By Samuel Crews & Noah Crews


Football or soccer, which would you choose? Forbush High School’s August Athlete of the Month chose both.

Charlie Benitez has been quite busy juggling his classwork, playing midfield for the soccer team, and kicking for the football team. When asked what his favorite moments from the football and soccer seasons have been so far, he said, “Going 2-0 to start off the season in soccer. We’re playing good as a team.” And with football, “I like the crazy atmosphere.”

When we asked what his goals are for both seasons, he confidently responded “Win conference!”

While he enjoys both, if you ask Charlie which he prefers, he’ll tell you soccer because he’s been playing since he was in elementary school. He also adds, “I feel a sense of accomplishment by being selected for this award.” We wish Charlie and both the football and soccer team good luck this season!

Mrs. Frazier oversees all things Chromebook in the media center.

Trial by wire

Chromebook Distribution Has Its Ups and Downs for All Involved

By Suzie Beamguard & Mary Faulkner


Summer has ended. The school year has begun. Teachers are back to the front of their classrooms. Students are scrambling to reclaim a reasonable sleep schedule. And the librarian–

Wait, where is she?

Is she in the stacks, looking for books to recommend?

In her office, researching new display ideas?

At the circulation desk, checking novels out to young scholars?

Of course not! It’s the start of the school year, which means it is the height of Chromebook season.

Recently, we had the privilege to sit down for an interview with our friendly high school librarian, Mrs. Sarah Frazier. She gave us some insight on the Chromebook distribution process, and we’re here to share it with you.

Can you describe Chromebook distribution in three words?

Enjoyable, because I enjoy seeing our Forbush family come back to school. A little long because it’s a lot of paperwork. And necessary because we’ve got to get it done so students can get what they need.”

What are some of the best and the worst parts of the process?

“The best part is seeing the people I haven’t seen over the summer, seeing former students and parents that I only get to see, sadly, at Chromebook time, and meeting ‘this is my little brother and sister…’ I really enjoy that part of it. The worst part is it’s inconvenient for everybody. It’s sometimes inconvenient for parents, it’s sometimes inconvenient for teachers, and we all have to work very hard to keep some positive energy to get through the experience.”

How do you unwind after a long day of distributing Chromebooks?

“I’m pretty introverted, so I get to a quiet place by myself. The librarian in me grabs a book, and in my insulated mug is Cheerwine, and that’s how I chill out after Chromebooks.”

Who helps you during this time?

“Who doesn’t help me? All of the faculty help me. The county office has people that make the receipts for me, Mrs. Doub counts money and does receipt work like crazy. I rely upon the teachers here at Forbush to take turns doing receipts because there’s no way one person could do it. My student assistants help me as we’re getting things filed away and put in order for the year so that I can deal with the students who are having issues or still have to have problems worked out.”

What is a message you would like to send out to the Forbush High community?

“Taking care of the papers early makes everyone's lives easier; students and teachers alike. Teachers are getting into teaching prep, students are getting what they need, and parents know that first week back to school is stressful to everybody, so taking care of paperwork early makes it less stressful.”

We thank Mrs. Frazier and ALL involved for making this process as painless as it can be. We appreciate the efforts of everyone so we can use our Chromebooks for a more "connected" education.

Coach Vestal demonstrating the form of a backhand swing while showing players that practice can be anywhere there is a wall.

Faithful Falcons

Pre-season Tennis Preparation Lead Falcons to a Hopeful Fall Season

By Kylee Johnson, Ameshia Long, Elei Ayers & Lindsay Ray


While many students and staff were on vacation over the summer, coaches and student athletes participating in fall sports teams were preparing for their upcoming season. From workouts to the first day of tryouts, athletes were vigorously training in order to be successful during their season. Sports such as cross country, women’s tennis, football, volleyball, men’s soccer, and the marching band started well before teachers arrived to prepare their classrooms.

Coach Vestal revealed that after six years of coaching women’s tennis, the sport has changed his life drastically. Coach Vestal says he is a much more stronger and wiser coach than what he was six years ago. “Preparation goes on all of the time. There are still many positive impacts because I’ve been able to reach a lot of young ladies, not only through helping them grow, but also from a visual and spiritual standpoint as well and it’s a lot of fun to see that growth come to life.” Like many other sports, coaches begin to prepare for the next season before the past school year is over. Coach Vestal says “After we obtained our conference playoff schedules in January, we began to create our conference games. Junior tennis camp began in June and workouts were all summer. It’s been a year long preparation period for us.” When asked what Coach Vestal expects from his players, he says, “I want them to become better people, better teammates, and stronger in their faith. We’ve done really well the past few seasons and hopefully we can get another winning record this year.”

Coach Vestal isn’t the only one excited for the season. Mrs. Hamric, our new women’s volleyball coach, believes that this year will be the best year yet. She is excited to return to coaching high school athletics. Even though sometimes it goes unnoticed, coaches put in many hours of work and dedication before their season even starts.

Axel Garcia working hard on his classwork in Mr. Smith's Earth and Environmental Science class during fourth period trying to start his freshman year off the right way.

A day to remember

Freshmen, Class of 2023 Enter the New School Year with Much Anticipation

By Samuel Crews & Noah Crews


As the halls filled with students and teachers returning from summer vacation for another school year, nervous anticipation filled the minds of the freshman class. Will I fit in? Will I get lost going to class? Can I make new friends? Summer memories were replaced with doubt and uncertainty because as freshmen in high school, they were starting over.

We interviewed some of the freshman class and asked them for their thoughts on being the new kid on the block and if their first day as a high-schooler was any different than being in middle school. The consensus was that there was more freedom and they seemed to enjoy it more.

High school usually means it’s time to start considering what your life goals are and what you will be doing to prepare for college and your future career. When asking about their expectations on high school one student replied, “I just want to have fun and meet new people.” Another said, “To pass all my classes.”

Whether your goal is to boost your social standing or increase your chances of getting into that ivy league college, we think it’s safe to say most freshmen want to make their first day of high school a day to remember.

Elijah Golden, Anna Owen, and Mikinly Speer are enjoying the summer air while running lines during 4th period.

A splash into theater prep

Swimming Deeper into The Little Mermaid Jr. Production

By Kacie Hutchens & Brisa Aguilar


This year’s autumn musical is The Little Mermaid Jr. Students have been busy throughout the summer learning lines and their music. When asked how long it takes to prepare for a show, Jamie Campbell, director of the play, said, "It normally takes a whole semester to prepare for a show. We begin learning the music and vocal parts, then we add choreography (the dances to each song), and lastly, we begin blocking (stage movement) and set changes . We also have to make props, sets, & costumes for the show which takes a semester to make as well. It is as process."

Mikinly Speer was asked, “What are the different stages of show preparation?” She answered, “First, read through, then sing through, then blocking, rehearsal and show!” She was then asked how much time outside of school that she devoted to this show and she said, “Almost every day for three months.”

The last question for Mikinly was “How do you handle the stress and pressure brought by The Little Mermaid?” She quickly answered, “By practicing every evening.”

The student body is eager to see friends and classmates perform The Little Mermaid Jr!

The new science teacher and volleyball coach, Mrs. Hamric teaches her chemistry class about matter and specific heat, and engages them with notes and an experiment.

New teachers ready to bring it

Forbush High School is Excited to Introduce Several New Teachers This School Year

By Kailey Smitherman & Cortney Myers


Forbush High School is very excited to welcome Mrs. Giannopoulos, Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. Hamric, and Mr. Calloway to the teaching staff! They each have unique and valuable qualities to add to the community. Mr. Kennedy eagerly introduced the new teachers and why he was looking forward to this school year.

“Mrs. Giannopoulos [is] our new EC teacher from Forsyth county. She’s very bright, and we’re very excited to have her.

“Mrs. Hamric is our new science teacher; she is also coaching volleyball. She was at Catawba last year, so she is very knowledgeable and very experienced.

“Mr. Calloway is our new agriculture teacher. He is coming to us from Iredell county; he has a ton of experience, so he’s going to be a great addition to our team.

“Mrs. Fowler is a new CTE teacher; she’s doing robotics. She is coming to us from the early college, so she has a lot of knowledge about Canvas and she's already very excited to learn about robotics and technology.”

A couple new teachers were asked what brought them to Forbush and what they can bring to Forbush. The new EC teacher, Mrs. Giannopoulos, said “Mrs. Bryant told me about [Forbush] and [how much] she loved it, and I did my research and it seemed like a good fit. I can bring lots of differentiation and excitement for students, and loving and caring for them.”

Mrs. Hamric said, “I had been at Catawba College, I came home, and they had a volleyball coach position open so that made it even more enticing. I graduated from Forbush, so I'm home. I think I can bring tradition, and I know where all my students are coming from because I lived here a majority of my life. I also have a lot of coaching experience, 34 years of coaching experience.” When asked about the volleyball team, Mrs. Hamric said, “I love my team, they're good gals, and I love working with Natalie Vestal.” Mrs. Hamric is also enjoying teaching chemistry and is very excited for her class to celebrate “Mole Day” coming up.

Forbush faculty, staff, students, and players are very glad these new teachers were brought here, and are enthusiastic about the great things these teachers will bring!