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Prom preparations

4/3/2019 by Olivia Tucker

Prom, a night to remember. A time when girls dress up in fancy dresses and guys wear their crisp new tuxedos. For some, prom is something students look forward to for months. Preparations begin early for girls, like getting the perfect prom dress, alterations, tanning, hair appointments and dinner reservations. When the week of prom arrives, some girls may get their eyebrows waxed and get their nails done, while the guys may get their haircut. When asked what are some things you do to get prepared for prom, Ashley Collins, a junior at Forbush High School, explains that she “drinks a lot of water and uses face masks,” while Miah Smitherman, a senior at Forbush states that “it is essential to get her eyebrows waxed, get a mani pedi and exfoliate before prom.” For boys on the other hand, preparations are much different. When asked the same question, Oliver Arzate, a senior at Forbush explained he “plays as much Fortnite the week before prom” because he knows that he will “not get to play it on prom day.” When the day of prom arrives, it can be a hectic time. From the early morning to early afternoon appointments are set from everything to makeup, hair, nails, picking up the corsage and boutonniere to getting the tux and making sure everything is ready for the big night. When late afternoon arrives and the guys pick up their dates, or the girls get together with their best friends and they head out to take pictures to capture the moment, then off to dinner. Once dinner is over, it is time for prom. At prom, it is a place where popular music is played, and everyone is enjoying their time with one another while dancing. After hours of dancing and spending time with friends, prom comes to an end. After prom a lot of people do different things. Some have sleepovers, go to the movies, bowling, bonfires or even go home to rest from the eventful day.

The Shore Scholar

1/22/2019 by Abellana Ayers

Are you a rising 11th or 12th grader attending Forbush or Starmount High School,looking into financial aid? The Shore Scholars program is a great option. The Shore program is for student with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Looking to expand their knowledge of college and career training. This program takes place over the summer of 2019 where you will have help exploring colleges campuses, job sites and training options to what you specifically want to further your education. This scholarship pays for additional fees such as books and course fees.This program requires a retreat with a mentor monthly as well as a peer group to become more social and known to resources.

In the peer groups you will be assigned to share and solve challenges while exploring opportunities and ideas.While fulfilling these assignments, your peers and mentor will encourage you to give it your all.

Parents and guardians are expected to attend two meetings a year and agree to encourage and support the student pursuing the program. At times transportation to off school campuses may be needed. During these meeting parents will review plannings, workshops and tours.

A total of sixteen students will be selected in the first year from both schools. If by chance you or your son/daughter does not get into the program, they may re-apply the following year as a rising 12th grader.There is no guarantee that the student will be selected either year.

The following mentors of Forbush High School are, Mrs.Kaitlin Bryant and Mrs. Kristin “Natalie” Hauser. For Starmount, Mr. Michael Groce. If you have any questions or need more information, call one of the Shore Scholars Mentors.

Forbush athletes on to bigger things

11/29/2018 by Maggi Martin & Kylee Johnson

Last Thursday, three Forbush athletes signed to continue their athletic and academic careers at various colleges. On college signing day, parents, family, and teammates join the signee to support the decision to continue playing the sport they love at their given college. Colby Crater, a senior, signed with Catawba College to continue playing volleyball as a hitter. This past 2018 season, the volleyball team made it to the third round of states and fought a tough and deserving battle. Colby is very excited to become a Catawba Indian and says, “I am very honored to have signed with a college I love and to be able to play the sport that I love as well.” Tallon Flynn, also a senior, signed with UNC Asheville to continue playing baseball as a pitcher. During Tallon’s junior year, he received the all-conference award. Tallon says “I feel very blessed to be able to play the sport I love and to be able to play it at a great college.” Mallory Fobes, a senior, signed to play golf at UNC Wilmington. Mallory said “I knew I wanted to go to UNCW the moment I met the coach. It just felt right.” Mallory has excelled at golf all four years at Forbush. Mallory won regionals her sophomore year and was also runner-up in states both her junior and senior year. All of these athletes have star potential and will not disappoint in college. Everyone at Forbush wishes them the best of luck as they continue their athletic and academic careers!

Hallways get new facelift

11/29/2018 by Zoe Reed

This year, Forbush High has a new club for the students who enjoy the creativity of art. On Wednesday, November 21, students had the day off, but the staff had teacher work day. The art teacher, Kaitlin Bryant, suggested for her students in her art club to join her and start displaying art on the walls in both B and C buildings. “As part of our campus beautification here at Forbush High. The murals were a no brainer to add color and life to rid the overwhelming feel of institutionalization. Art club was going to make this happen! I gathered input from the teachers in both the B and C buildings as far as what they imagined. I gave the information to my students and MAGIC! They were the sole creative masterminds behind the murals. I couldn’t have been more proud!” Kaitlin Bryant states. Hailey Buelin, a junior, says, “I think it is a interesting way to mark on the walls. Hopefully, as the years pass, the future students and staff will find the walls and enjoy the view.” Melanie Arcia-Martinez, a junior, was sufficient and a big help for allowing her art to be displayed on the C building wall. “I’m extremely proud that my art is going to be displayed on the wall in C building. I love art and hopefully, for future students, they will see the painting and would like to join the art club! Art is such a fun class! Not only do you get to just paint and do the typical art thing, you actually get to hang out with new people and get to have a blast!”

Students, If you would like to get involved with the art club, please go to the art room (located in 701H) and talk to Kaitlin Bryant. The students in the art club would like to recruit more students to join in the fun!

Feature: October student of the month, Carson Philips

11/19/2018 by Marley Martin & Rachel Dixon

Carson Philips was selected Student of the Month for the month of October. He is a 9th grade student at Forbush High School. As a manager of the girl’s basketball team, he supports our athletics and out of school activities. He states that his favorite class is “Field Maintenance with Coach Helton,” because he “loves to work outside and help around school.” Coach Helton says, “Carson is a hard worker and trustworthy. Since most of the class is set on independence and discipline, Carson has proven himself to be willing and do everything I ask of him. He is also well liked by his peers.” His favorite teacher is Mr. Pruitt because he’s a “kind person and very nice.” Carson works for his dad’s business, Philips Ready Mix Concrete when he’s not participating in school related activities. In his free time, he likes to fish. Carson states he feels “good and happy” to be selected for this honor his freshman year.

Feature: October student of the month, Monte Scott

11/19/2018 by Madisynn Church & Olivia Tucker

Forbush High School yearbook staff, Madisynn Church and Olivia Tucker interviewed Monte Scott and asked him an array of questions. Church and Tucker first asked Scott, “What is your favorite class at Forbush High School and why?” Scott explained that "my favorite class would be band. The class houses most of the people I can relate to, and we learn and develop together, like a family.” Next, we asked him who is favorite teacher was and why. “My favorite teacher is… well, I do not know. I like a lot of teachers here,” explains Scott. Some activities that Monte Scott is involved in at FHS is the marching band and track. In his free time Scott says that he “Likes to draw, both digitally and traditionally.” Lastly we asked him Scott how he feels being selected as a Student of the Month. His response was, “I’m quite honored that I am Student of the Month. I honestly didn’t know about it until they announced it.” Monte Scott is involved with numerous things around the Forbush High School campus as well as being a part of the school’s leadership team. Monte Scott helped come up with the idea of "PJ Day" recently, where students pay a dollar to where their pajamas to school in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness. Mrs. Rachel Davis, a teacher at Forbush High School made things possible for Scott to be able to have PJ day. Davis explains, “Monte and his twin sister, Makyah came to me wanting to do the PJ day to raise money for childhood cancer because Makyah had gone through that and this is a cause close to their family. Monte and Makyah did a majority of the work. The only thing I did was got approval from Mr. Kennedy and I distributed the envelopes and collected the money we received.”

Feature: October student of the month, Avery Durham

11/19/2018 by Kylee Johnson & Maggi Martin

The sophomore student of the month for October is Avery Durham. Avery is a very well-rounded student and participates in many activities in school as well as outside of the school setting. Avery’s favorite class at Forbush High is chorus because he likes to sing with other people and they make fun of each other's singing. When asked what Avery likes to do in his free time, he says “I like to play guitar, hunt, fish, write music, and ride horses.” Avery is also involved in football and wrestling at Forbush and he excels at both. Many teammates of Avery say that he is always there to offer a piece of advice and a good laugh. Caleb Boles, who has been a teammate and friend to Avery for several years, says that Avery is “a hard worker, respectful towards coaches and friends, and always give 110% on and off the field.” Mrs. Dorman is Avery’s favorite teacher at Forbush because they always talk about The Walking Dead and bands that perform at Merlefest. Avery is in Mrs. Dorman’s English class and she says “Avery always seems like he is in a great mood! He works hard in class which makes my job teaching him a breeze! I also enjoy talking about MerleFest with him and hearing him talk about all the instruments he plays. He is very talented!” Avery was very surprised to win student of the month for October and he says, “It gave me a good feeling about how people view me as a person.”

Feature: October student of the month, Emily Post

11/19/2018 by Monlea George

The 12th grade student of the month for October is Emily Post. When she received the title of student of the month Emily post said she was surprised. When Emily was asked what her favorite class at Forbush High School was and why she responded “My favorite class would have to be AP Language and Composition with Huggins. Band is also one of my favorites because there aren't any limits.” Here at Forbush High School Emily post is involved in quite a few things. She is involved in Marching Band, Beta club, Hosa, Theatre, National Honor Society, and she is even on the swim team. When Emily was asked, “What do you like to do on your free time?¨ She responded ¨What free time?!¨ which we can all see that Emily is very hard working and dedicated to her time here at Forbush High School and very deserving of the title for the month.

Aladdin Jr. Trailer (1).MOV

Aladdin Junior is here!

11/15/2018 by Ashley Gallardo

Each year at Forbush High School, there is always a new theatrical production in the works. This year, the school play is based on the film of "Aladdin." Each student works hard to learn all the dances, the songs, and each line to make sure they get everything perfect for the day of the performances.

The first performance of "Aladdin Jr." will be the "understudy" show on Thursday, November 15th for the elementary children at 9AM. They will also have a second show at 7pm on the same day. Their third performance will be Friday, November 16th which will be the lead show and have 2 performances; one at 9AM for the elementary kids and a second one at 7PM. Their fifth performance will be on Saturday, November 17th at 7PM. All of these shows will be located at the Forbush High School auditorium. For the afternoon shows the doors will open at 6:15 PM. Each ticket costs $10 and for children 5 and under receives free admission with a paying adult.

The cast and crew are very excited about the upcoming performances. Elizabeth Cristobal (11th) says, “I feel like this performance is going to be great and exciting for everyone.” Cristobal also ads, “I feel super excited! I did makeup sophomore year for the musical "Into the Woods" and this year I am performing as an Argraban.” The play stars senior Chasten Coleman as Aladdin. He feels all of the productions before have prepared him for the lead role. “Since my freshman year I have been able to connect better with peoples feelings and to learn how to express emotion as each new character I play.” These two cast members also explained that each member in "Aladdin Jr." has worked hard and has given everything to make sure this performance turns out not only great, but magical for everyone.

The "Aladdin Jr." trailer is attached with the article, so check it out!

New counselor to Forbush

11/13/2018 by Monlea George

Here at Forbush High School we have a lot of different opportunities for teenagers to seek help and guidance that they may not know about. One of the newest resources FHS offers is an At Risk Coordinator. Tracy Gregory, a native of Yadkin County, will serve as our new coordinator. She is very invested in the community and its future and in her new position she explains, "I will be meeting with students who are in need of extra support in order to help them have a successful academic year. I will be helping students in need by referring them for school based counseling or other needed community resources." Gregory also adds that she plans on serving Forbush by "hoping to be an extra support for students in need. I hope to help students realize and reach their full potential. I have an open door, and hope that students feel comfortable talking with me.¨ If you would like to meet up with Tracy Gregory she is located in 603 G.

Philanthropist of the year: Chris Hauser

11/13/2018 by Madisynn Church & Olivia Tucker

A philanthropist is someone who spends their life seeking to advance the welfare of others. Chris Hauser is just this. He spends his time helping others out of the kindness of his heart and we are thankful to have him a part of the Falcon family.

Mr. Hauser, a substitute teacher at Forbush High School shows his support for the students and staff in more ways than one. Beyond the roles of a substitute, Hauser helps out with graduation, sponsors the Fellowship of Christian student Athletes, announces at the home sporting events and volunteers his time helping organize Impact Yadkin. These are just to name a few. Chris Hauser is a big part in the lives of the students outside of school as well. For example, he welcomes them to his house for devotions, food, and fellowship every week. For these reasons, (plus many more that go unseen) the Yadkin Community Foundation recognized him as Philanthropist of the Year.

We asked Mr. Hauser what it meant to him to be given the award of Philanthropist of the Year and he explained that it was “an honor to be recognized by the community where I live.” He also added, "It was an overwhelming feeling.” Co-worker and friend, Jeff Weisner stated, “Hauser is the most important person on campus from running graduation, Impact Yadkin, organizing the dedication ceremony of the Forbush High School flagpole, sponsoring Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and so much more.” We are glad his dedication to the school and community does not go unnoticed. Thank you Chris Hauser for everything that you do for us.

Hannah Shore shows off her makeup skills as she paints Nikita Sizemore's face.

Senora Helton face painting Mckenzie Dyson. In Senora Helton's classroom they had “Pan de los Muertos” to finish off the day.

Dia de los Muertos

11/6/2018 by Oliver Arazate-Castillo

Photo Credit: Oliver Arazate-Castillo

The Day of the Dead is a tradition in Mexico and Latin American countries where they celebrate the dead, believing their spirits return to earth for that night. It's also known as Dia de los Muertos. It's celebrated on Wednesday, October 31, through Friday, November 2nd. People who celebrate go to cemeteries and churches with flowers and candles to say prayers for their ancestors. While there, they enjoy time together and eat bread called, “Pan de los Muertos.” Senora Helton, one of our Spanish teacher says, “Some people who are not accustomed to the Dia de los Muertos may think it is strange, but it is really a holiday to remember loved ones who have passed and think about their lives and how much we enjoyed the time we spent with them.” Spanish teacher, Senora White also adds, “It's a nice way to remember the dead.” Last week here at Forbush High School our Spanish classes participated in customs that people do for the Day of the Dead. Students were able to paint their face with different designs. Students drew skull-like paintings on their faces as shown in both images.

Parking lot wars

11/5/2018 by Kylee Johnson & Maggi Martin

Photo Credit: Maggi Martin

This year, a new rule is being enforced at Forbush High School which involves students and the parking lot. The rule states that once students arrive at school, they should proceed directly to the courtyard or A building lobby. Since the parking lot rule has been enforced this school year, there has been a lot of debate between faculty, students, and even parents. Principal Mr. Kennedy backs up his reasoning for enforcing this rule and says, “The policy has been in place for years but we have now made it a greater focus, mainly for safety reasons. Student safety and supervision of students is the main reason for the enforcement of this policy. We have students who get here very early and this policy helps to protect students since there is a limited amount of staff compared to many students. We are also trying to encourage students to utilize teachers office hours to make up work or retake a test. Our number one priority is the complete safety of our students.” Parents and students have been in an uproar against this rule. Some parents have even taken to social media to express their opinions. Many students also have very strong feelings towards the rule. Hagen Brannon, a junior, shares his input by saying, “In my opinion, I think that students should be able to sit in their car. We paid $40 to park and every student at Forbush is not able to fit in the lobby of A building and many students don’t want to stand in the cold until 8:10.” Teachers support this rule because they believe it is in the best interest of the students. Parking lot duty teacher, Mr. Tuck, weighs in on the situation by saying, “I think the policy needed to be put in place because the actions from a few students were starting to cause problems. I think the new policy has been effective, despite the complaints of many students. The students should also understand that the new policy is to protect them in many ways.” Last year, some students engaged in inappropriate behavior in the parking lot which has resulted in the enforcement of the parking lot rule. Officer Carter explains what types of behaviors he has observed by saying students have been caught “drinking alcohol as well as smoking and selling illegal substances.” Even though many students do not agree with this rule, administrators and teachers ultimately make the final decision and always keep students best interest in mind.

Feature: September student of the month, Hailey Buelin

11/6/2018 by Abellana Ayers

Photo Credit: Hailey Buelin

Hailey Buelin was awarded ¨Student of the Month¨ for the month of September. Hailey is a junior at Forbush High School. Hailey is an impeccable student and an an all around sweet person. Hailey enjoys the arts and having creative ways of expression. Hailey expressed why her love of art is so huge and that is because, ¨ The arts match my personality and how I look at things.¨ Her favorite class is art which also includes her favorite teacher, Mrs. Bryant. Hailey is in the Art Club and enjoys creating and expressing herself through her artwork as well as practicing photography in her free time. ¨Photography is a more visual way of art. You get to see emotion in real life.¨ After high school, Hailey hopes to become a radiologist and work in the medical field.

Feature: September student of the month, Ronnie Hampton

11/1/2018 by Oliver Arzate-Castillo

Photo Credit: Oliver Arzate-Castillo

Ronnie Hampton was awarded "Student of the Month" for the month of September. Ronnie is a senior here at Forbush High School. He is nice and overall an outgoing person who enjoys computer programming and video games. Ronnie explains, “ I like the challenges that come along with the games, and play for just for the fun of it.” His favorite subject is Civics. Ronnie likes this subject because he enjoys learning about past and present economics. His Civics teacher Mr. Bell says, “Ronnie is a very smart and an independent worker, who is never afraid to ask for help. He is very cautious about his time and work he has left, and makes sure he turns everything in on time.” Ronnie's favorite teacher is Mrs. Dorman because “she is nice and very outgoing with all of her students. She always helps us out when we need it.” Mrs. Dorman says, “Ronnie is a bright spot in my day! He always takes the time to say ‘hello’ which means a lot considering I don’t have him in my class anymore.” Next year, Ronnie hopes to attend University of North Carolina at Charlotte to become a computer programmer so he can start making his own programs.

Feature: September student of the month, Emily Whitaker

11/1/2018 by Rachel Dixon & Marley Martin

Emily Whitaker pushes herself to not only excel on the cross country team but also in the classroom. Photo Credit: Emily Whitaker

Emily Whitaker was selected as the sophomore "Student of the Month." Not expecting to be awarded with this title, she states she was, “shocked and unprepared.” She is very involved with her school, church and sports. She says, “I spend my free time doing homework, shopping and watching Netflix.” Her favorite class is with “Coach Davis because he’s a good teacher, relatable and funny.” He taught her how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. By filling her schedule with cross country, swim, and track, she stays active year around. Emily plans on going to community college after her high school career to continue her education. She says she's, “honored and humbled to be given this award.”

Feature: September student of the month, Christian Furno

10/30/2018 by Madisynn Church & Olivia Tucker

Addison Hayden and Christian Furno coordinate outfits for the 2018 homecoming dance. Photo Credit: Christian Furno

Who is Christian Furno? Other than the first freshman selected to be recognized as the Student of the Month, we interviewed Furno to have a better understanding of this month's recipient. For starters, Furno's favorite class is World History with Stephanie Beuter. "It's my favorite class because she is my favorite teacher and history is my favorite subject." He's also involved in the Bush Band program where he plays the trumpet. "I've played the trumpet since the 6th grade." In his spare time when he's not at school, Furno enjoys playing the video game "2K," watching the NFL, cheering on the the Atlanta Falcons football, and playing with his dog Bella. Looking forward to the next school year, Furno explains that he would like to “join Beta Club and be on the men’s basketball team.” After high school Furno plans to attend the University of Georgia in hopes to become a doctor. Christian Furno is thrilled to be the September freshman student of the month. "I was honored to be selected as the 'Student of the Month. I was shocked but felt special."

September "Students of the Month" recognized

10/30/2018 by Mrs. Dorman

Left to right: Ronnie Hampton (12), Emily Whitaker (10), Hailey Buelin (11), Christian Furno (9) Photo Credit: Robert Kennedy

This year, Forbush High School faculty is nominating and voting on students from every grade level to be recognized as the "Student of the Month." This past Monday, the first students were announced as the winners for the month of September: Ronnie Hampton (12), Hailey Buelin (11), Emily Whitaker (10) and Christian Furno (9). Jennifer Helton is in charge of collecting the nominations and creating the Google Form so faculty can vote. Helton explains, "Each month Forbush recognizes an 'Athlete of the Month,' so the school improvement team thought it would be a good idea to recognize student achievement in the classroom as well. These are students who are working hard, who are responsible and who have good behavior." Principal Mr. Kennedy also adds, "I believe it is important to recognize our students who exhibit the core values of our school, including exhibiting positive character, having a good attitude, and treating others with respect. Our 'Students of the Month' are recognized on our social media accounts, in our Monday morning announcements, and on my Sunday phone message." While it can sometimes be hard for the faculty to narrow it down one student to nominate and to vote for per grade level, Sarah Frazier explains what criteria she uses when it comes to doing just that. "When nominating a student for 'Student of the Month' I consider several things. If they are or have been a student in my class, I consider their work ethic and attitude. I consider how they are behaving when I see them out and about on campus with their peers. I also think about their interactions with me here on campus and in the community. I also consider how a student may have grown, changed, or been challenged as they have been at Forbush." Stay tuned for upcoming articles featuring each September "Student of the Month" to learn more about these individuals that were recognized.

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