Academically Intellectually Gifted

The Yadkin County Board of Education believes that all children have the potential for learning. The mission of Yadkin County Schools is to help all students develop to their fullest potential and become productive, informed, and responsible citizens.

Yadkin County Schools is committed to an educational program that recognizes individual student differences. We adhere to an inclusive classroom structure with students of mixed abilities present in all classes. Services for children who are gifted are a part of this overall educational program. Yadkin County Schools is committed to providing differentiated education for gifted students, recognizing their individual strengths and needs and challenging them to fully develop their abilities. The long-range goal in gifted education for Yadkin County is to enable gifted students to become independent, self-directed, life-long learners who use their knowledge and understanding to build rich and productive lives.

Academically gifted students will be identified in all ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic populations through the use of multiple criteria.