Welcome to the Erasmus+ Website: 

A Journey of Growth and Learning Together

Our Erasmus+ website serves as a vibrant hub, dedicated to showcasing and disseminating the multitude of initiatives undertaken by our school community from 2022 to 2027 under the Erasmus+ accreditation. Here, visitors will discover a rich tapestry of projects, highlighting student mobilities, teacher development endeavors, and collaborative ventures that embody our commitment to continuous improvement.

Explore the annual projects featuring student mobilities, job shadowings, expert visits, and teacher training courses aimed at refining pedagogical methodologies, enhancing English proficiency, and nurturing a deeper European awareness among our educators.

Furthermore, delve into our repository of eTwinning projects dating back to 2010, accessible via a convenient link, offering a comprehensive view of our collaborative efforts in the digital realm.

At its core, our website serves as a beacon of our collective efforts, illustrating our progress in innovation, pedagogy, language proficiency, digital literacy, sustainability, inclusion, and European awareness. Join us on our journey as we stride towards achieving our Erasmus+ accreditation goals, one step at a time.