It's Time To Own Our Signal. 

Help Us Broadcast Citywide Permanently.  


Purchase the 107.1 FM Translator XRAY.FM currently broadcasts on, before the September 2024 conclusion of our 10-year Licensed Management Agreement with MetroEast Community Media.


The potential of a public-serving radio station is severely stunted if people can't hear it. 107.1 is 4x the size of 91.1 and represents an increasingly rare opportunity for citywide coverage in Portland where the FCC doesn't grant anything of this size currently. If we don't buy it, we likely lose the right to operate it, and that would be a major blow to this city and our listeners. 


A contractually-set $120,000 purchase price with the license's owner: MetroEast Community Media, which we have the sole right to purchase until September 2024.

Help make that happen by supporting the campaign.


XRAY.FM is a noncommercial broadcaster and non-profit media organization based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to hold a microphone up to the best and most distinctive of Portland. To build a culturally relevant center for ideas, music, and creativity in service of a more open media and a more just community. Our programming is a progressive blend of talk and music that amplifies the sounds and reflects the values of our city. We currently broadcast on 91.1 & 107.1 FM in Portland, OR and 91.7 FM in Nehalem, OR, and stream online at 

We serve the Portland community  and beyond through a mix of our local FM broadcast facilities, an internet radio station, on-demand audio archives, and our mobile applications. Music shows run the gamut from indie to hip hop to metal to soul to psych and beyond, with a dual focus on curation & discovery. Our talk programming features local thinkers, comedians, journalists, and commentators with a focus on local voices and perspectives underrepresented in broadcast media.

Additionally, XRAY acts as a hub and incubator for other community-focused media projects, such as our affiliated stations at KXRW-Vancouver and The Numberz. We operate and maintain a small suite of broadcast studios in the historic Albina district of North Portland that serve as a community resource for people to produce and learn about media production; including live radio programming, audio recording and editing, video production, and more.